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Yo, biz-itches. Here you go, info about me in xanga-survey form.

Lets start with the basics, get to know each other...
Full name please:
Like your name?: Chhh. Yah. You'd be crazy not to. It's awesome.
If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?: I wouldn't.
What city/state/country were you born in?: Sacramento, CA, yo.
Birthday and Age?: February 3, fifteen.
Were you born early, late, or right on time?: I was about a week late, 'cause I'm evil like that.
Where do you live right now?: Boring-ass Kansas.
What do you like about your city?: Nothing. It's frickin' boring.
What do you dislike about your city?: Everything.
Do you live in USA?: Yesh I do.
If not, what country do you live in?: U.S. of A., yo.
Do you have any brothers or sisters? If so, how many?: Nope.
Any pets? If so, how many?: Yup. Five cats, five goats and a dog.
List the names of all the people/pets residing in your house: Dee, Shadow, Cinders, Dusty, Amber, Missy (Gamma, Omega, Billie Joe Armstrong the Second the Goat, Charlie, Nemi, Valentine and Tigerlilli all live outside.)

Okay, thats enough of that, Lets move on to Favorites...
I dunno. I don't eat much food. ...you know what? I like sourdough bread a lot. So that's my favorite, I guess.
Color?: Red and black.
Drink?: Cola!
TV Show?: Uhhh... Lost, I suppose.
Video Game?: DARK CLOUD!
Book?: Cirque du Freak, biz-itch. Or the series that starts with Blue is for Nightmares that doesn't have a name.
Item of Clothing?: ...my hoodie or my DiD shirt.
Actor/Actress?: Uhhh... Billie Joe Armstrong? Hey, he's acted before. If not him then... Johnny Depp. I don't have a favorite actress.
Sport?: I don't like sports. Track, because my dearest friend Noraa (that's Aaron backwards, you know) is in track.
Type of Music?: Emo or punk.
Band?: Death in December!!!
Song?: That's a hard one... Lying Awake, Chemistry and Heartache, Emily, Note To Self, or Give Me Novacaine...
Flavor?: I dunno.
Quote?: Uhhh... I dunno.

Okay, now its time for those 'Do you/Have you' questions...:
Do you smoke?:
Drink?: Alcohol? No.
Do drugs of any sort?: Nope.
Have you ever gone skinny dipping?: Uhhh... When I was a baby I probably jumped into my grandparent's pool naked... I don't think that counts, though...
Have you ever been arrested?: Nooo. The cops came to my house once, though.
Do you have any bad habits?: Duh.
Do you play an instrument?: Sadly, no.
If so, what do you play?: I'd like to play the guitar.
Do you like electronics?: ...like computers and cd players and such? yes.
Have you ever seen a celebrity in public?: Nope.
Have you ever done something you were especially proud of?: ...yeah.
How about especially disappointed in yourself?: Yup. More often than not.
Do you wish you could go back in time and undo something you did?: Yes...
Have you ever gone out of your way to get someones attention?: Mmhmm.

Alright, Now choose between one of the following...
Cat or Dog?:
Moon or Sun?: Moon.
Chocolate or Vanilla?: Vanilla.
Fruit or Veggies: Fruit.
Number bands or 'The' bands (I.E.- Blink182 or The Used, ect.): 'The' bands, I suppose.
Kisses or Hugs?: Neither.
Italian or Mexican?: ...food or guys? Mexican food. Italian guys.
Shirt or Pants?: Uhhh... Both.
Light or Dark?: Dark.
Boxers or Briefs?: Ooo, ooo! Boxer-briefs! *giggles*
Creamy or Chunky?: I don't swallow, I spit. *giggle*
Stars or Clouds?: Stars.
Apples or Bannanas?: Neither. Hahaha. You spelled bananas wrong.
T.V. or Books?: Books.

Okay, now Random Questions
Look around. What is the first thing you read?:
Allison (padfootblack13)... My convo with my bestest friend Allison...
Who was the last person you talked to?: Allison.
Have you ever been in love?: ...yes...
Can you whistle?: Nope.
Have you ever wished upon a star?: Yesh.
Have you ever gone sky diving?: Nooo.
Do you believe in hororscopes?: Uhhh...
How about miracles?: I suppose.
What is on your computer desk?: All kinds of shit.
What was the last thing you took a picture of?: Uhhh... I don't remember.
Who's your favorite teacher of all time?: Mr Hibbs, yo! (he'd be proud of me for saying it like that.)
Have you ever pushed all of the buttons in an elevator?: don't think so.
Do you think aliens exist?: Yes!
When you were little, did you ever try to dig to China?: Hehe... See... We were bored waiting for the bus a couple years ago and we decided we were gonna dig to China... We would have made it if we had started in the dirt instead of on the cement...

I don't write fiction. If you don't like that, I don't care.

I have short black hair that is just long enough to hang down in my eyes. from behind it, I glare. If you don't like that, I don't care.

I write what I feel, when I feel it. I write about anger and pain. I write about love-related pain a lot. If you don't like that, I don't care.

I can write anywhere. Anywhere at all. Give me a paper and a feeling. I can write. Lots of people don't like that. Guess what? ...that's right, I don't care.

I'm me. I'm unique, I'm different. I like the color red, and black. I like drawing stars on things. I'm loud and friendly and funny, if I like you. I'm a fifteen year old girl. I have the ability to be a bitch. I can honestly say that I will like you if you're true to yourself and you don't try to be something you're not. But if you're mean to me, you tend to not get another chance. But mostly, I am me. And if you don't like that? I don't care.

Visit me at...





Talk to me at...

Yahoo Messenger: x_anotherbloodyromance_x

MSN Messenger: x_anotherbloodyromance_x@hotmail.com

AIM: xblamexyourselfx

This account used to be called Uncountable Tears... I promise I won't change it again.
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