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(I like it)
and the age is
I'm not average or normal in any aspect besides my height and eyesight.

-I hate it when people use "text" language in texts and online. Like "ur," "lk," and a lack of punctuation. I believe in full use of our language.
-I'm obsessed with male hands and arms. They're pretty much a make-or-break deal for me. I think they're beautiful, especially guitarist's hands and arms.
-I'm also a bit obsessed with scarves, dark jeans, and ugly-cute clothing, specifically ugly-cute pajamas.
-I'm hella friendly, so if you find me on MySpace or Facebook or something, or you wish to stalk me, I'll probably make friend out of it. =
-My mind is a bit like CNN. When something happens, the newsflash loops around the bottom of my mental screen. Often the message is, "Wake up!" or "Go to school!" but occasionally something interesting pops up.
-Things in my life that will never match: my ugly-cute PJs and my bed stuff (sheets, pillows, blanket). Never. Ever. Nunca.
-I make CDs in the summertime based on which songs feel good when I blast them from my car with the windows down and the sunroof open. These summer CDs are all I listen to from May to about October. And that is a lie. I made a new summer CD last week, in November.
-I say the word "fantastic" like no one else. Well, I say it like Sarah Palin. I say, "Fanteastic."
-I'm pretty sure Batman is more than a superhero. He is a god. And I've loved him since I was little.
-I hate to like things that become cult phenomenons. Like Twilight. I can't like the books anymore because screaming little girls have ruined it for me, and I don't want to be stereotyped into becoming one of them, obsessing over fictional characters and screaming and crying at movie premiers after a glance at an actor. It's pathetic. And it's because of those people that I feel almost ashamed to like Twilight and other things like Pirates of the Caribbean.

-I come up with ideas and new stories almost daily.
-Some day, I'll take all my quirks (see above) and turn them into a big, long speech for one of my characters to rant about. And it will be fantastic.

I made a homepage for Free Fallin'; it's kind of cool, I guess. It totally has character pictures (including Chrome!) and CM designs I made and all the lyrics to the songs used.


Random Musing at 10:02pm on January 14, 2008:

Somebody once asked me why I write. The answer is simple enough: I like to play God. I write because I can control what happens in the world of my characters, the world I created with rules I can set. Sometimes my writing won't be realistic, or exactly truthful in what should happen in the real world, but that's okay. Sometimes I don't agree with what the real world has to offer.

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