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A Little About Me

Hello everyone!

I'm Julia Lucrezia Hanazono, but I'm commonly known as Firechick12012 or just Firechick in various other forums and fandoms.

I happen to be VERY into Japanese anime, manga (or comics), and video games. But I also enjoy reading (I'm very picky about the stuff I read) and writing. I hope to become a mangaka or a writer when I grow up!

I have not been on Fanfiction(dot)net due to my sudden loss of interest in creating Super Robot Monkey Team stories, but I hope to improve my writing style and one day remake all of my stories and make them better. I am mostly active on FictionPress. I have an account there.

By the way, I grew tired of my old pen name Shining Silver Phoenix so I changed it to Julia Lucrezia Hanazono. It's deprived from my real name Julia, Lucrezia the character from Higuri You's Cantarella manga, and Karin Hanazono from Kamichama Karin.

Favorite Anime: Shounen Onmyouji, Amuri in Star Ocean, Dog of Flanders, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Natsume Yuujinchou, Ringing Bell, AnoHana, Nabari no Ou, Clannad, Les Miserables Shoujo Cosette, Tamayura, Haibane Renmei, A Little Princess Sara, 07-Ghost, Jungle Emperor (Kimba The White Lion), Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Secret of Cerulean Sand, Bungaku Shoujo, Princess Tutu, Ie Naki Ko (both 1977 and 1997 versions), Pokemon, Digimon (mostly Tamers), Kowarekake no Orgel, Hana-Saku Iroha, Card Captor Sakura, Anne of Green Gables, Before Green Gables, Romeo's Blue Skies, Gundam 00, Pollyanna, Petite Princess Yucie, Dog Days, Aoi Hana, Wandering Son, Hime-chan's Ribbon, Hitohira, Now And Then Here And There, Lucky Star, Ouran High School Host Club, Pandora Hearts, Shinryaku! Ika Musume, Sora no Manimani, Summer Wars, So-Ra-No-Wo-To, Tales of Symphonia, Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, Bunny Drop, No. 6, Uta no Prince-sama, Little Women, Unico, Yumeiro Patissiere, Happy Birthday: Inochi Kagayaku Toki, My Sister Momoko, Twin Spica, and Uta no Prince-sama.

Favorite Manga: With The Light, Anima, I Am Here!, Mimia Hime, Claudine, Anne of Green Gables, From Far Away, Kamichama Karin, Kitchen Princess, 07-Ghost, Nabari no Ou, Natsume Yuujinchou, Pavane for a Dead Girl, Wish, Ouran High School Host Club, Bunny Drop, Hibiki's Magic, Yoki Koto Kiku, Card Captor Sakura, More Starlight to Your Heart, and Haruka -Beyond The Stream of Time-

Favorite Books: Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Rick Riordan), The Kane Chronicles (Rick Riordan), Mockingbird (Kathryn Erskine), Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (Robert C. O'Brien), Anne of Green Gables (L.M.Montgomery), A Little Princess (F.M.Burnett), Before Green Gables (Budge Wilson), Little Women (Louisa May Alcott), Dog of Flanders (Ouida), the Dear America series, The Five Little Peppers (Margaret Sidney), The Birds' Christmas Carol (Kate Douglass Wiggin), and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Kate Douglass Wiggin).

Favorite Video Games: Pokemon, The Legendary Starfy, Kingdom Hearts, the Tales games, Phoenix Wright

Favorite Cartoons/TV shows: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Ed Edd n Eddy, iCarly, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, House of Anubis, Caitlin's Way, and Degrassi.

Favorite Movies: The Secret of NIMH, Bambi, Fantasia, Aladdin, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Like Stars on Earth, The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, and The Last Airbender (Yes! I like M. Night Shyamalan! SHUT UP!!!).

Edit: Sorry guys. I haven't been here in a while, namely because I found inspiration from writing fan fics for fandoms instead of my original stories, so my stories here have kinda fallen by the wayside. Feel free to check out my fan fics if you're interested.

My MyAnimeList: http://myanimelist.net/profile/Firechick12012

My LiveJournal: http://joyousmenma93.livejournal.com/

My Fanfiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/julialucreziahanazono

My DeviantArt: http://firechick12012.deviantart.com/

My Current Stories

Firefly's Enchantment - Hotaru Hirokawa is a young autistic boy who couldn't talk until he was 12. He was born in a pond where fireflies often gather, and that's where he got his name. On his 15th birthday, he went to the pond again only to encounter the village's local deity, Kanon, who takes the form of a beautiful young woman. Strangely, Hotaru manages to befriend her since, unbeknownist to everyone around him, he can see spirits. But the problem is, Kanon is about to be impeached and her position as the God of the village is open for grabs. Evil spirits want that position. Not wanting this to happen, Kanon asks Hotaru for his help. He accepts. Joining him on his quest are his childhood friends Sakura Uetake, a polite girl from a rich family, and Daisuke Sahashi, a happy-go-lucky artist with Down Syndrome. They have to fight off evil spirits so Kanon can keep her place as the God of the village (Likely to be on hiatus, since I have not updated it in a while).

Oria of Araceli - When people die, they either go to heaven or hll. But where do they go if the people who die really want to start over and become reborn? Those people go to a place in the clouds called Araceli, which has similarities to earth. Araceli is where all of the "Estheran" people live. These people have wings of varying colors and have jewels engraved on various parts of their bodies, and they have strange powers. In order for these people to be reborn into the life that they desire, they must go through a rigorous test called Rainbow, that will decide if they're worthy enough to be reborn into earth as the life they want. But the thing is, nobody knows exactly what and where Rainbow is, how it works, or how it starts and ends. The only clue is this prophecy: "A star will appear on the seven-colored arc and appear before our eyes and it's majestic wings shall bear and tame the rainbow's colors. When this star arrives on the sky's altar, that is when Rainbow will begin." Nobody knows what this means...that is, until an Esther named Oria appeared on Araceli. (On hiatus until I get my inspiration back)

My Future Stories

Tales of the White Sun - 1000 years ago, on a bright yellow planet close to the sun named Surya, a terrible war raged. Humans and enigmatic monsters called...well, "Enigmas" engaged in bloody war for reasons unknown, leaving 50 percent of Surya's population gone. One thing about Surya: everyone on it is tan...well, not everyone. Aruna J. Patel (Pronounced Pay-dull) is the first princess of Surya and is the daughter of King Ravi and Queen Savitri. One day, she finds a book on Enigmas. Hearing that they're beginning to run rampant, she decides to put her fighting skills to the test. Joining her on her quest are Helios, a gold, INSANELY large military tank with a mind of its own, Melanthios, a young man who lost his memory and has a mood swing problem, and Jonquil "Johnny" La Mar, a happy-go-lucky girl with Angelman Syndrome along with Aruna's childhood friends Malaika Nikolic and Murali Argall. But Aruna has a secret that makes her different than all the tan people on Surya. Something that's left her high social status pretty much unknown.

Pandora School - Elliot T. Whittle is a young boy living in Glasgow, England. He wants to become a professional magician. But there's one huge problem: he's severely Dyslexic and he can't read anything other than children's books. When entertaining some bored kids, a French man named Felician LeBlanc discovers his talent and potential and decides to transfer him to Pandora National Academy, a school for aspiring magicians. Elliot happily accepts. In the progress, he encounters new friends and new rivals, but there's secrets about the school and some secrets about himself that he doesn't know.

My Selene (based on the song by Sonata Arctica) - In the hidden and tempestuous world of vampires, a 16-year old vampire named Jade Lucius accidentally starts up a brouhaha between vampire protestors. His brother, Onyx Ciar, who is also the crown prince of the vampire world, chastises his younger, carefree brother for this and banishes him to Earth, hoping that Jade Lucius will become more responsible and more aware of the things around him. In the vampire world, vampires don't age, but they do if they're on earth. When Jade Lucius is banished onto earth, he finds a 2-year old girl locked in a cage and abandoned. Appalled by this act, he decides to raise her as his own, and name her Selene Orabela Rutherford, while he takes her to London under the pseudonym Jean-Pierre Rutherford...but he doesn't know that even though Selene is an innocent, naive, and angelic girl, she may prove to be even more trouble to the vampires then she's worth, especially since Onyx Ciar's friend, Garnet Claude, plans to use her for something and finds out a long-hidden secret about not just her, but something else...

The Princess in the Kingdom of the Sun - 13-year-old Yano Minatsu used to be a very happy and bright girl, until she reached 7 years old. She was diagnosed Dyslexic and can't read anything higher than children's books, her mother became an insane schizophrenic and tried to strangle her daughter, her father was murdered by her mother, and on top of all of that, she is being abused by her school, by both kids and teachers, on a regular basis! She is being raised by her grandfather after his wife dies. Minatsu has become a shy and quiet recluse and only expresses herself through her bright drawings and paintings. When her grandfather finds a special art academy, he enrolls her there, hoping that she'll live a better life there. But it's a boarding school and Minatsu has to deal with her separation from her only support system and the loving family that raised her...that is, until she finds a kindred spirit in her new homeroom student-teacher, Hoshino Seigo.

White Pearl, Black Oceans... (named after song by Sonata Arctica) - The story takes place in the modern day Greek island of Chios. Many years ago, a strange, mysterious cult created a strange creature known as a rain child. These rain children are born from a rainy day, though they never appear when there is lightning or snow. The cult has observed their abilities and see them as a miracle to society...though society itself thinks they're a threat. Many people think rain children will only bring bad luck to society. In reaction, an anonymous rival cult has been at war (not literally!) with the cult that created them. Some want them gone forever. Nobody thought rain children were good to society...until now. Atticus Nicolaos Vassallo is a young 13-year-old boy living with his father and the housekeeper. The only thing that prevents him from being normal is his Epilepsy. One day, on his way home from school, he finds a pearl on a rainy day. Soon, it hatches into a rain child! But this one is not like most rain children. Atticus is fascinated and decides to keep her and raise her. He even gives her the name Noe Xue Yanyu. But soon, people find out about his association with Noe and want her and the other rain children gone. But Atticus, his father, and his friends manage to find allies in the cult called Our Mighty Saviors, whose ancestors created rain children years ago. But Atticus needs to not only solve the problems with the rain children or the ones with the newer cult called Black Raven's Wing, but to let go of a certain incident from the past that has destroyed his self-esteem, place in society, and his outlook on life. (I REALLY want to do this story!! But I can't yet)

Journey to White Night - The year is 1954, America is gripped by the Red Scare and fear of Communism is spreading rapidly. A young Russian-American boy, Torin Vasiliev, is having a bad time of it. His American-born mother was murdered, his Russian father is fired because of his workers thinking he's Communist, and Torin himself is being racially discriminated against in school because people think he's a Communist, but he's not. His family left the Soviet Union long ago because they wanted no part of Communism. Torin's only solace is his beloved books. He loves fantasy books and old stories. One day, he finds an old book with a jade stone on it. But then! He gets sucked into the book and into a world dominated by animals! But they do not want him in there, fearing that he is one of the culprits behind the decrease in Oregano, their energy source. The only ones who become friends with him are Charlotte, a young red fox, Peter, a young beige rabbit, Aurelio, a young fawn, and Nala, a young blue bird. Together, they all must find the nature goddess of the forest, Florina, and ask for her help to restore the amount of Oregano back to the jungle. They also have to have something called a "White Night" occur. But this quest is long, difficult, dangerous, and even cruel and heartbreaking. Mostly due to the fact that the wolves have been hit the most when it comes to their fair supply of Oregano and they accuse the smaller animal tribe of taking it.

Futamajo! Mikage and Kohane - People think that Mikage Akatsuki is a spoiled and arrogant little 14-year-old girl who thinks she's all that. But that's not true. She's actually very shy but sweet, gentle, and cute. She's just going through a LOT of changes in her life that she's not happy with. Her parents died, she's forced to live with her aunt and uncle who she thinks hate her because of an incident many years ago, she's lost all her friends, she's had to move far away from her other home, and she's autistic too! Because of all these transitions that she can't seem to handle well, she feels she can't trust anyone. She feels she is all alone...that is, until she meets her twin, a girl named Kohane, who is actually a magical girl from a magic world who has been banished to earth because of an incident. But unlike Mikage who is shy and introverted, Kohane is happy, energetic, and cheerful. Kohane feels that she can help Mikage with her magic, so she decides to stay with her. But soon, Kohane has to decide whether she wants to return to her magical kingdom or stay with Mikage forever. Plus, Mikage soon has to endure even more hardship in her life.

Pegasus of Heaven - Evangelos used to be a sweet and innocent boy living on the beautiful planet of Gaia with his disabled mother...until he witnessed her murder. Since then, his life became absolutely awful. The people who killed his mother kidnapped him, sexually abused him, and forced him to become their personal war slave whose only purpose is to kill criminals. He hated it all. He never wanted to kill anyone, but was forced to anyway. After four dreadful years, he finally escaped. But he vows to avenge both his mother and those he wrongfully killed against his will. One day, he accidentally sets free a beautiful winged unicorn, a pegasus, named Alkaios, who is supposedly the last of his kind. Together, they learn that the people who ruined Evan's life fled to a distant planet named Xillia. Evan and Alkaios are determined to go to Xillia and finish their missions, but they soon learn that fulfilling their goals won't solve all their problems as they go to many planets and meet new people along the way.

Flutter, Flutter - In the little town of Maeterlinck, there's a legend that states that if one were to save the life of a rare bird called the Gold-Beaked Blue Jay, it will grant them any wish that they want. But in order for their wish to be granted, they must go through a test, which will test how passionate they are about their wish. Tai and Mai are two young siblings who are living good lives, even though their divorced parents are constantly fighting. One day, they save a gold-beaked blue jay from death and decide on their wish: to bring their parents back together and stop fighting so they can be a family again. But it seems that the test they go through is more than just proving how passionate they are about their wish: it's also a journey that will show what kind of people they really are and change them for the better.

Odhran: The Resonance of Your Heart - Despite her newly formed optimistic outlook on life and doing her best every day, Yasaka Yoruko considers herself to be the unluckiest girl ever. Her dad got laid off from his job, her younger sister hates her guts because of an incident three years ago, her severely autistic younger brother screams and destroys the house a lot, and she’s trying really hard to put her past behind her, but it always seems to catch up with her despite her best efforts. One day, when she, Hibari, and her good friend Kasane are going on a trip to Kasane’s house for a vacation, Yoruko finds a dragon statue that takes them into another world, a world called Odhran, which is full of dragons, magic, beast men of all kinds, alchemy, and a war with the empire of Zulfiqar. They stay in a peaceful little town called Karinth and learn about the world of Odhran while doing everything they can to fit in and help out and trying to find a way home. Little do they know that coming to Odhran will be the best thing that ever happened to them. But the best thing that will ever happen to Yoruko and Hibari will be meeting Roald, the possibly autistic half-dragon human who will be the key to fixing the rocky rift between them for good. (I really want to start this one but 1. I'm focusing too much on one character and need to develop others further. 2. Fan fics. 3. Lack of a good story)

Fraulein Aleida - Aleida Claudia Freud is a 14 year old German girl who at the age of 11 was disowned by her family because of her mind reading powers and was only recently adopted by a Japanese family and has only just learned to speak the language. Because of her terrible experiences, she has closed herself off from everyone...until a boy named Taira Shingo comes into her life and befriends her despite her initial protests at first. Soon, Shingo invites her into his social circle and she finally learns what it’s like to be accepted and to have a place to belong. But not everyone is willing to accept her. One girl in particular, Hayami Hitomi, sees Aleida as a threat and decides to try and ruin her life so she can claim Shingo for herself.

Joceline’s Rainbow - Joceline Riordan is a young girl who just lost her parents. She is sent to live with her dad's cousin's family, the Dunbars. But she's not who people consider normal. She loves Japanese anime and manga, reading 19th and 20th century children's books, drawing, listening to classical music, and writing stories. The reason? She's autistic. She doesn't believe there's such thing as normal, and doesn't trust people well due to bad experiences in the past. But she grows to love her new family and friends.

Finished Stories

The Princess of the Land of Snow Autistic Princess - A girl who resides in her own little world and a boy whose world is slowly nearing its end. When 10-year old Izumi Towa meets 16-year old Ikuma Hikaru, something will happen. But what? Will this little girl accept Hikaru into her "land of snow"? (COMPLETE!!)

Stories that are dropped

Kinya The Wolf Child - Shizuka Ueda is a young single mother raising her 8 year old daughter Mio in Kyoto. One day, when she and Mio are taking a walk in the park, they stumble across a blonde boy lying unconscious and nude in the park. They decide to take the boy into their family and name him Kinya. They learn that he's a feral child raised by wolves in the wild for some time. Kinya also cannot communicate or talk very well though he can hear. So, in order to help him, they take him to the best therapists so he can adjust to his new life. This is the story of a young love between a mother, her daughter, and the wild boy of Kyoto as they go through many things together while trying to help the boy live a normal human life (not going to be done due to severe lack of ideas).

Stargazer - Since 1967, a ruthless street gang called the Japanese Kings have been committing alot of felonious crimes such as car-jacking, murder, illegal drug smuggling, etc. Only a few have been put to justice...until now. In the year 2006, 12-year-old autistic girl Mika Hoshigaki witnessed the cruel murder of her uncle (mom's brother) before her very eyes by an evil, bloodthirsty man who goes by the pseudonym King Blood. Instead of running away from the murder scene, she actually joins the police force! She wishes to capture all living Japanese Kings (especially King Blood) and avenge her uncle's memory. Now, masquerading under the identity "Stargazer", Mika vows to arrest the Japanese King she's looking for along with others who commit crimes with the help of her family, friends, and fellow policemen. (Scrapped due to potential unfortunate implications. Sorry!)

The Princess in the Tree of Peach Blossoms - In September of 2001, Touya Akiko looks like she has all the things she ever wanted: a rich family, a good education, a big house, a big room, popularity in school, everything...but nobody knows about her atrocious home life. When she was born, her French-American mother, Maria Antoinette Dorsett, dies of scarlet fever 2 weeks after Akiko is born. Because of this tragedy, she is deemed a "murderer" and hated by her family. She is abused and beaten frequently by her wicked siblings, but she doesn't want to be saved, fearing that people will see her as a pity child who needs to be watched 24/7. Akiko does, however, have a big support system outside of her family and tries to keep an optimistic view of what's to come. Unfortunately, her father remarries a cruel, volatile, and manipulative woman named Nakamado Masami, who hates Akiko right when they first meet. Akiko's life will never be the same...nor has it ever been normal. (Scrapped due to loss of motivation and lack of ideas. Sorry!)

Crossover (deleted, scrapped, and to be buried 6 feet under dirt)

The Catalyst's Rebellion/Shokubai no Hanran - Catalysts, artificially and scientifically created humans created with the combination of the three cells Alpha 10, Beta 88 and Delta 32. The number of born humans had been dropping since 30 years, so an unknown planet combined three cells to create new versions of humans. Scientists here in 2035 are continuing this process...however, there is a dark side to this process. An unknown cell called Omega 101 is said to contaminate one of the cells and be the new destruction of all mankind. One day, a husband-less mother named Chiaki, who lost two boys already due to death and punishment, finds a small boy named Tajin covered in trash on the streets. Chiaki decides to take care of him. But, Tajin is the possessor of the Omega 101 gene (which is the eye on his stomach) and in the future, the destruction of mankind. Chiaki learns about this but puts her whole heart into protecting and caring for Tajin. With the help of some allies, Chiaki and Tajin must go through life together now...if it doesn't mean for Chiaki losing another child in the process. (deleted due to looking like a big fat convoluted mess)

Requiem of the Hummingbird - Shibuki Sojiro is just your average 16-year-old high schooler. He lives with his grandmother, helps her out, gets good grades in school despite his delinquent-like appearance, and takes down whatever bad guy he sees. But he has a secret he wants absolutely nobody to know: he's gay. And many people he knows are homophobic, so he doesn't want to make a scene. But one day, after getting into a fight with his enemy, he runs away to the beach...and finds someone crying under the boardwalk. It's 14-year-old Muranaka Anri, an innocent, disabled, and child-like boy whose pet dog was killed by his abusive stepdad. Sojiro and Anri suddenly find themselves to be friends...and maybe even more than that. But both of them have secret issues and problems when it comes to sex, and they both promise never to engage in intercourse. But soon, their secret goes out and all Hades will break loose, causing Anri's innocence to be destroyed and Sojiro's terrible past to haunt him. They both think that they're all alone in the world...but they often forget that there are those who care about them despite their homosexuality and want to support and help them no matter what. (Deleted due to coming off as really offensive, mean spirited, and now that I look back, I punished my characters for no real reason other than cheap angst. Some subjects, such as rape, are just not meant to be touched on the way I did.)

Kilmeny: A Simple Song of Happiness - She lives a rich and privileged life, but the things that make Piper MacPherson the happiest are her best friend Malakai Weaver, a young and gentle autistic boy, and Kilmeny, his pet dog. They have been friends since childhood, but they come from different worlds. Malakai's life is in shambles. His mother died in an accident, his father was suddenly laid off of his job and is unable to find another one, they're living in poverty, and worst of all, Malakai is no longer able to go to school or access the services that help him with his autism. But one thing that Malakai is really good at is playing his violin. He finds a small ray of hope in an upcoming music contest which will give the winner a scholarship to go to a special school for gifted children and a special dormitory for them to live in. But all is not well. Malakai is constantly discriminated against by the public because of his, as they say, "inappropriate behavior" (which Malakai doesn't display at all), and is disliked by Piper's parents. Soon, hardship and trauma hit Malakai and Kilmeny like an H-bomb. Is Malakai doomed to suffer for eternity, or will an unexpected helping hand save him from the depths of despair? Sometimes trials and tribulations can really shape a person in the face of despair, especially when there are warm hearts and helping hands who return his kindness toward them. (On hiatus due to lack of inspiration and debate over whether I should redo it or not)

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This was dropped. Sorry.
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