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Why hello there. I am the Queen of the Shadylands and I rule over all that is shady and... in the lands that I have called the Shadylands. If you wish to purchase a home in my country then don't ask me because I don't really deal with that sort of thing, I'm the kind of person who gets other people to do that for me, you know sales people and the like. I am more the type of Queen who does what she feels like, has parties, sings, skips, jumps, occationally burns down signposts, terrorize children, tax little old ladies (must be under five foot. Ha ha the descrimination!)... um, uh, well nah I'm a pretty lazy ruler. If politics ever really bothered with the Shadylands (they never really got on, dont ask, something to do with an insult towards someones mother) then I would porobably have someone else to do it for me. I do the occational tour though, have to make sure my subjects remember me and raise the occational funds.

My apologies, I appear to be in a rambling mood today, so people who dont like ramblers, you have been warned, it's in my blood, my aunty rambles for miles and miles along countryside and forestry alike.

Now my closest friends are His Imperial Highness (I have two of his stories on my site) Miss Chloe, The Coconut Queen and the Vodka Bitch. I fear no wrath from them for calling us all a wyrd bunch. And beware this wyrdness does occationally comes out in my stories. (oh except Vodka Bitch she is actually rellatively normal, well compared to the rest of us that is... mind you compared to the rest of us most people look normal)

So... I like Lord of the Rings, took me two years to read the book which I know is a very long time but I am a really, really slow reader, which can be rather annoying. I like all things Sci-Fi, adore comedies and films in general, the bad and the good. I love to read and this and fanfiction.net, they are my favourite websites because I just love the way you never really know what story you might find and because it's done by people who are not trying to make money but are doing it because they love writing.

As a writer I find I have bad grammar and spelling and thank Sash that someone invented the spell and grammar check on the computer. I dont manage to write many stories but the ones I write I enjoy and you will generally find me with a notpad and pen in my hands.

Well me and my lovely friend His Imperial Highness are bored tierd and without anything to do, so we are going to write down some random quotes that we both like. HA HA!

-"Get it?"
-"Got it."
-"Good." (The court Jester, an amazing film)

'By the Great Parrot of Hades' (Doctor Who pirate planet)

'A knife in the back. That's a difficult way to commit suicide.' (Blake 7 Avon)

'Other people's property comes naturally to me' (Blake 7 - Villa)

'Call me bubbles Darling, everybody does' (Little Britain.)

'Dogs can look up!' (Shaun of the Dead)

'I got a bad feeling about this' (The Mighty Boosh)

'Groovy' (Evil Dead)

'pregnant women, sick swimming, ready to stand' (The little murmaid or at least thats what it sounds like she is singing) actually turned out to be 'bright young women sick of swimming,' but it really does sound like pregnant women.

'Save the cheerleader, save the world' (Heroes)

'Bring it on Escargot!' (Final Fantasy 10)

'Your mother is a friggin ardvark!' (The Labyrinth)

'This is a culinary abortion' (Stewie on Family guy)

'Your helplessness brings out my sadistic streek.' (Blake 7 Dayna)

'Wow your amazing!' (Mystic Heroes)

'Welcome the rich man, he's hard for you to miss. His butt keeps getting bigger, so there's plenty there to kiss.' (spirited away)

'Yatta! New York!' (Heroes)

'I love you Flash! But we've only got fourteen hours to save the earth!' (Flash Gordon)

'Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have faught me way here to the caastle beyond the Goldblin City, to take back the child that you have stolen, for my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great... you have no power over me.' (Labrinth)

'Search me. We're just the knockers.' (The labrinth)

'It's so stimulating being your hat' (The labrinth)

'There's coffe in that nebular!' (Voyager - Janeway) (This one always makes me think of my brother)

'He's not the messiah! He's a very naughty boy!' (Life of Brian)

'Have you been at the incense agin?' (Randal;l and Hopkirk Deceased)

'Get the cheese to sickbay.' (Torras in Star Trek Voyager)

'A perfect replica of the Old Opera House... But who cares! To my right a row of ministers, more sinisters than ministers...' (Ruby Rod in Fifth Element... Bzzz!)

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