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I'm not quite sure what to say, do people actually read profiles? People other than me, that is. Well I'm a college student with a serious love for fairy tales, folk tales, historical women, mythology, and languages. My interests pretty much sum up every story I've ever written (including things from when I was little and for school). I tend to get bored with things I write pretty easily; or, I come up with an opening sentence or paragraph and can't continue from there. I have way too many word documents that are only a sentence or two long. I write on whims, and usually not too far in advance. I can't read books with topics too similar to something I've written about/thought about writing about/plan on writing about because I get worried that I will steal a plot line or start to mold my story after theirs. I hope you like what I've posted!


1) ROMANOVA: A fictionalized account of the daughters of the last tsar of Russia, focusing on the second daughter, Tatiana (spelled Tatyana in the story because I prefer that spelling due to translations) and a woman who pretends to be her after the Russian Revolution. Loosely influenced by the Anastasia/Anna Anderson story, I chose Tatyana because at the time she was the best known of the daughters, thus making her the more likely candidate for identity theft (for lack of a better phrase). Romanova is my attempt to capture the essence of the four girls. As of now, I've gotten through the most difficult part (in my mind), laying down a foundation. It needs some serious reworking, but I'll deal with that later. For the next several (maybe ten?) chapters, it focuses on Tatyana and her sisters. After that, we branch out into new territory, but that's for later! I like to think of it as being about 12 years in the making, because that is how long I've been fascinated by them (OTMA), I try to keep it as historically accurate as I possibly can. If you want the name of a good book on the last Tsar and his family, pm me, I've got more than I could possibly need and would be happy to tell you the names of my favorites. That being said, the chapters are a bit slower than in a purely fictional book because I put a good amount of research into each one. I'm a bit strange with details and try to make sure they match up. Of course, I'm sure some can slip by!

2) DESIRE: This one has been in the making for a very long time. I had a dream a while back and all there was to it was a pregnant woman lying down by a stream, dipping her fingers into the water. I decided that I needed to make this into some kind of story, because it was clearly a sign. About 20 drafts later, I ended up with what you've read. Of course, I was so excited from finally achieving what I wanted that it was a bit sloppy, but I've cleaned it up now. I'll post a proper summary after the next chapter, which sets the story up more than the prologue (i.e. there are characters with names!) and I won't feel like I'm giving everything away.

PRONUNCIATION GUIDE: I know I picked difficult names, sorry about that. Honestly, you can say them however you want, but here are the correct pronunciations (according to my book of Irish names)

1. Aonghus (ANG-ges)

2. Alastroína (al-as-TREE-na)

3. Bearach (BAHR-akh)

4. Gormlaith (GUR-um-la)

5. Isibéal (ISH-bale)

6. Sorcha (SOR-ik-ah)


If you want to know anything else feel free to pm me. I really appreciate all kinds of feedback on my stories, and I do try to return reviews!

All my best,

F. Duplaire

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Desire reviews
He took what was not his, and now they owe a debt that can only be paid in blood. But it is too late, the damage had been done. Desire can destroy you or sustain you, but everything has a price. A kind of fairy tale.
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A fictionalized account of a woman who pretended to be a surviving daughter of the last tsar, and the daughter herself.
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