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I'm The Moonlight Writer. This means that I write best by moonlight, or just late at night. My favorite time to concoct a story is 1-3am. I don't stay up that late often enough, and so I get some pretty crappy writing during "waking hours" as my mother dubs them. I'm 16, and have been a writer since about the age of 7. I used to write little kids stories, like "Cats in Space!" and "Sunset Frogs". I don't even remember half of them, and don't have, well, any. I love waking up and writing good dreams down. I have a great imagination, and have a total of 4 novels started. I signed up on Fiction Press to keep them organized, and in check, and word counted, and... yeah. All that jazz. I really love fantasy, am OBSESSED (understatement) with Harry Potter, and write on , and That's enough words about me... 153 too many, I would say.

The Moonlight Writer

Author of:

-Thorns and Rain

-An Old Friend

-Locked Inside

-Library Boy