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Lips that would kiss,

Form prayers to broken stone.


Not as they Appear: It began in her Ap Euro class, it continued through his persistance, and like all love stories it should end with her in his arms, no? So why is he hiding so many things from her when he seems to know everything about her? Why is his bestfriend who's his ex, ruining her life bit by bit and why is he not doing anything to stop it? All that drama coupled with the fact that her mother was coming home and her father consorting with drug dealers, what the hell is expected of her? Is this the part in the story when the girl is supposed grow and develop, is this the scene in the movie where she realizes who she is isn't who her parents are? Well to Mari is just seems like it would be a deleted scene or a pitch that had never seen the light of day.

Jace's whiteboard as of chapter 6: http:///albums/f142/lilhottiegj/whiteboard.jpg

What Mari's violin/distortion would sound like in chapter 9: 1:20-1:43 and 3:19-3:48

Next update: After MVPC is finished

The Trick is the Keep Lying: It's pretty hard to graduate from high school when the whole school is against you led by an ex-boyfriend who was like a golden boy scorned. It's even harder to win back said golden boy when you're the girl on the scholarship and all your bestfriend's loyalties are no longer with you. And you're all alone... with the memories of what used to be. But there was a discrepancy. Why did she leave without a goodbye even when her love forgave her for cheating on him? Why were there attacks on her from every angle that no one would own up to. When would these answers come to light?

Next update: IDK

Mac V. PC: Infected: Just like the multibillion industries of Macintosh and Windows, two seniors in rival schools compete to be the best. But when a death causes Mac to move into Piper-Connelly's district, her hospitality is shortlived as he begins to step up his game.

Next update: Sent to Beta 12/22/12

Coming soon:

Shades of Grey She has a hero for a boyfriend. Well, he isn't the type to rescue cats or walk elders across the street. He's a serial killer of some sort. Rapists, pedophiles, people who talk during movies: those were his victims. Reprase: he's a killer of a boyfriend.

Inhale, Exhale, Record In high school dealing with the drama that is the stigma of teen sewage and the pain that lives in her home there's only one solution: V-blogging via YouTube.

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