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A Forgotten Story Up Once More! ( On FF.net: A LotR Story)

If you are reading this, I suggest you go and check out "A Forgotten Story: The Beginning". This story is (according to some of my friends of course, I'm not that vain) pitiously under-reviewed, so if you're looking for an entertaining new story, try it. :) Thank you so much!

About Me:

Hi! My name is SCREAMINGwhispers, and I'm a high-school freshman, as well as a aspiring author(ess). I'm a 15 years old girl, have some pretty damn cool friends. I'm pretty cool, but easily distracted, and sometimes childish. I've always been instrested in nature, art, animals (espescially birds, dogs, and big cats), and plants(mostly those with healing properties or edible plants you find out in the woods). Often, I'm very silly and spontaneous and fun. But very obsessive. If you get me started on a topic (such as LOTR) I won't stop.

I loooove Lord of the Rings beyond belief. I also like Newsies, Batman Begins, Pirates of the Carribean, and the Harry Potter series (the books, mind you). My hobbies include karate and drawing (search for my LOTR fanart on fanart-central.net, I am "Eruvyuleth") I also enjoy singing and acting, but I'm not brillant, though I try.

Random-Facts-about-SCREAMINGwhispers-you-don't -really-need-to-know-but-oh-well (written by a friend of mine, very funny :)):

She has no aim whatsoever.

She has an Orlando Bloom pillowcase in her room.

She like men. Many men. They turn her on.

She goes through Phases. Many of them.

She think Elladan is sexier than Elrohir.

Her dad is a fraternal twin, meaning she has the faternal twin gene in her, which makes her happy.

She is not Emo, but almost.

She gets in trouble for things she does not do.

She writes in Queynan on her desk in history. Makes people confused.

She drowns her troubles in LotR and popcorn.

(more coming soon!)

About my Writing:

My writing normally is angst/drama/or romance, but I enjoy writing humor as well, to show the lighter, sillier side of me that you would reconize if you ever met me. I write in the 1st person most of the time, because I find it easier to look from the inside out.

I began writing in 3rd grade with two friends. We wrote a mystery story about a horse ranch. It was quite cute. :3 I dwelt in mysteries for sometime, then that turned into horror/supernatural/mystery, which turned into fantasy, realism, and realistic fantasy (my main genre). I love to include animals (horses esp., I took horse back riding lessions for quite a while!)


I have NLD (non-verbal learning disability), which can make sticking to a story really hard (poor executive fuctioning), so stick with me if I forget to update. Also my stories can be bloody/depressing. Do not read if you are not prepared to deal with that.

About my Reviews:

First of all, I will NEVER flame ANYBODY, no matter how horrible I think a story is. My goal is to give well-rounded constructive criticism. I don't review/read slash stories. If you find my criticism to be offensive, I swear, I did not mean it. Email me with any complaints you might have.

Any Thing Else:

My Webkinz name is Weirdo893. Add me if you want! I have a Girl Lil' White Terrier named Fuzzybuns, a Boy Google named Waffles, a Boy Pink Pony named Shadowfax, and a Boy Leopard named Corazon-Faramir.

Ninety-five percent of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe, Hyperactivley Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Yavie Aelinel, Crazy Billie Joe Loving Freak, Shadow929, The Astrology Nerd, brown-eyed angelofmusic, piratesswriter/fairy to be, The Gypsy-Pirate Queen,xGabriellaxBoltonx, xEarlySunsetsOverMonroevillex, Smartest Girl In The World, GatorPups95, 'rEd RoSe-StArFiRe-RoSeFiRe', ShimmeringJade, Sabaku no Hasame gaara1306 aka foamy the sguirrel, Matts-Awesome-Too Raykura-Kura, LostInHyrule, Dragon's Blade, SCREAMINGwhispers

98 percent of teenagers do or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy and paste this into your profile.

Quotes that Muse & Inspire "A Forgotten Story" (on FF.Net) and other Stories:

"The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.

He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,

He restores my soul.
He guides me in paths of righteousness
for his name's sake.

Even though I walk
through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.

Surely goodness and love will follow me
all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD

-Psalm 23

"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."

-J.R.R Tolkien

"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."

-J.R.R Tolkien

"Many that live deserve death. And some die that deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then be not too eager to deal out death in the name of justice, fearing for your own safety. Even the wise cannot see all ends."

-J.R.R Tolkien

"You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough"

-Frank Cane

"You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible."

-Anto Chekhov

"Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love."

-Neil Gaiman

"I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge - myth is more potent than history - dreams are more powerful than facts - hope always triumphs over experience - laughter is the cure for grief - love is stronger than death"

-Robert Fulghum

"The second star to the right
Shines in the night for you
To tell you that the dreams you plan
Really can come true
The second star to the right
Shines with a light that's rare
And if it's Never Land you need
It's light will lead you there
Twinkle, twinkle little star
So I'll know where you are
Gleaming in the skies above
Lead me to the one who loves me
And when you bring him my way
Each time we say 'Goodnight'
We'll thank the little star that shines
The second from the right"

-"Peter Pan" (this song is my Peredhil family song. Just listen to it!)

And to my Fellow Authors:

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

-Dr. Seuss

"Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish."

-John Jake

"Writing is making sense of life. You work your whole life and perhaps you've made sense of one small area."

-Nadien Gordimer

"Whether or not you write well, write bravely."

-Bill Stout

My favorite writing quote of all time: (how true this quote is!)

"Writing is a form of therapy; sometimes I wonder how all those, who do not write, compose, or paint can manage to escape the madness, the melancholia, the panic fear, which is inherent in a human condition"

-Graham Green

Quotes by My Friends and I: --

"Ready for the drop?"

"What drop?!"

"Let's roll to the kitchen to get whipped cream! Wheeee!"

"Booger -snap, snap-Arwen!"

"Mr. , what would happen if I told you your pancreas was the size of Texas?"

"Noooo! The eyebrows! I can't look at them! Ahhh! NOOOO!"-in dead seriousness, referring to Hugo Weaving in FotR at my friend's house.

"I don't have a sense of humor, Mr. _"

"Shoe stealer! Shoe theif! Nooo! Shoe stealer!"

"You're a freak of nature!"

"I'm turning fifteen next you June, I'm turning fifteen next June, Christian Bale makes me swoooooooon, Christian Bale is sooo whoohoooooooooooooooo!"

Me: "I know, I know..."

Teacher: (freaking out) "What do you know_? What? What do you know? I thought I was the teacher here!

Me: (mumbled, but loud enough the teacher hears it) "Fine, fine, I don't know anything."

"...So now whenever I hear that song, all I can think of is some really short muscular dude going 'Oh yeah! Oh yeah!'. Makes you want to buy a gun."

"Emos are going to use Vitamin Water to kill themselves."

-Licking Pushup Pop, then suddenly pauses and says- "I like d!cks."

"I shall brainwash her with vegatable themed fundamentalist Christian edudcation."

Me:-cracking up due to my friend's joke in English class-

Random student: (angerly)" God, you two laugh every class, all the time. And it isn't even a normal laugh. You can, like, hear it down the hall!"

Me: -chuckles- "Yeah..."

"Mercutio gave me some fun candy!"

"It's called surfin' the web, my man. Surfin' the web."

My Friend's Dream about Elladan:

1. Frodo drops Ring. Elladan is tempted, picks it up.

2. Elladan puts on the Ring, turning him into a girl.

3. Viggo comes by and spends some...intimate time with Elladan.

"They give these to children who don't know what they're squishing. But I know what they're squishing!"

Brother: "I got an e," (you know what I mean)" when I was 7."

Me: "How did you?! What were you thinking about?!"

Brother: "Mermaids."

"Sao Feng is my lover."

"Barbossa is bringing sexy back!"

Great websites:

(just plain HILARIOUS)

(absolutely, positively the stupidest, funniest, best website I've ever been on. Play "Feed me" and watch "The Muffin Tree")

(great website, fantastic fanfiction for those sick of reading stories that do not respect Tolkien's works)

(good site, but it's fanfiction lacks. However, to make up for that, it has absolutely fantastic fanart!)

Thank you very much for taking intrest in my stories, please review and give me plenty of constructive criticism! You may even flame my stories, if you so wish, but please, give me reviews! Reviewers get cookies (chocolate chip or peanut butter, fresh and warm from my oven :-)) so be a good reader and REVIEW!

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