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Hey I'm Emily!

I write songs and short poems and random stuff like that instead of actually keeping a journal. I like music a lot, so I figured, why not put my thoughts to it? I play guitar and am currently working on fitting the songs to music.

AIM: ohh the trouble
Myspace: /makedamnsure_tbs
E-mail: little_susie_2@ or funkeemonkeeemi@

So read my songs or poetry or whatever you wanna call them and leave comments if you want.

About Me:
I'm always hyper or bored
(Which also is byper)
I say random stuff a lot so shut up cause I don't care what you have to say
My friends mean the world to me
E.D.M.N.R.S. are my secret lovers
But I love Jack _ I LOVE:
Fake people
Too much DRAMA
When couples don't talk, seriously, why are you together?!?!?
When people don't talk to me
Staying quiet or still
Peanut Butter and/or Chocolate
How everyone has the same middle names
Getting up late
pEoPlE wHo ThInK tHeY'rE cOoL aNd TyPe LiKe ThIs
having to choose people for top friends _ MY FRIENDS:

Jessi and me don't get guys and act hyper together.

I've known Sam forever and we've been through everything together.

Nicole and me do our secret pirate-rockstar stuff together.

I love Jack with all my heart and nothing can change that

Jared is gangsterliscious and I love him cuz he's so short.

Brandon is awesome and he can do whatever the fuck he wants, even tho he was never in ELP.

Jimmy and me have been friends forever; I think he was my first best friend.

Adrienne and me are the blondest people on earth and are proud of it.

Mary and me tell each other everything, plus she rocks at skating and is one of my bus buddies.

Katie and me talk about random stuff and need to hang out more.

Kobberdahl is kinda random, but he's starting to dress better.

Kat is soooo much fun and she took me to Sonshine with Jessi and got me into Relient K, we also have a band together with Shelbi and Cavin.

Nick says he's straight up G but he's not really (we just pretend he is) haha but he's funny and really tall

Rachel is my awesome chorus and show choir buddy witht he heels.

Erin moved away, but I still talk to her cuz she's awesome

Natalie and me are three years apart but still good friends.

Dylan is the tiger mascot and I dogsit for him sometimes.

Megan totally rocks cuz she saves me from having a boring time at church stuff.

Bernie is my new best friend and has a cool scarf and we have an awesome secret handshake

Kristen can do an awesome Hokey Pokey dance and has a cute drama folder thingy.

Emily (besides having an amazing name) is funny and crazy and all good things in the world.

JL like never talks, but when he does, he's awesome.

Dan superannoying! haha, not really, but he's okay.

The other Dan lives across the street from me and has a cute dog.

Jeff goes to Indian Hills and my R.E. class thingy; he broke his pinky : (or something like that).

Shelby sits next to me in chorus and she's in my DRAMA (I love that word!) and my tiger time.

Smail's kinda crazy but he's pretty freaking awesome

Brock is really Dan but he looks like a Brock more.

Then Matthew is really Brock and he looks like a Matthew- or a Mark.

Then the real Matthew transferred to Stilwell from like Merril or whatever so we adopted him.

Hannah has a lot of secrets (that's why her hair's so big!! haha I love that movie!) but she's fun.

Bailey is a huge talker and is amazing and I love her to death.

Alessa is in my ELP and is really organized and she twirls baton.

Cheltzie is also in my ELP and we all have fun doing random things

Yale's also in there cuz we have like 5 people in our class and he has a bunch of cool stuff that we play with.

Brylie is a sevvie, but I don't care cuz she's awesome and I'm supposed to do intermurals with her.

Kelly dances and is in my chorus so we sing Shut De Do all fun.

Stephen is my besterest buddy

Eric/E Dogg is my favorite sevvie, but I never see him anymore and he wrote all over my planner

Emily --

A person who laughs at anything (even this entry)

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

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