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All you needed to know. And probably far too much more.

Behind the Pen

-->The Girl

Harlequin Kitsune is really a shy, average girl of eighteen by the name of Samantha Fagan, though she much more often goes by the name of Samma.She is struggling through the final year of IB and will be entering University of South Florida in the Honors College next year. She loves to write, though she often does so in others' uninerses with original characters and rarely shares those with any besides her friends. Between a pair of novels, she likes to break writer's blocks with OC fanfictions and challenges herself with strictly canon fanfictions when she finds herself fed up with her other writing. She sometimes writes poetry, but discards most of it, and tries her best to focus on her fiction writing.

-->The Strengths of the Pen

Kitsune has taken many Creative Writing classes and has almost finished developing her personal style. She has been writing seriously for four years now, and plans on double-majoring in English and Creative Writing, to be that cool English teacher that writes awesome fantasy novels on the side, much like her current English teacher. She can bring ideas through well, and excels in prose (though she wins more awards for her poetry, which she doesn't understand).

-->The Weaknesses of the Pen

Kitsune has a tendency to not finish what she starts, and gets fed up easily. Because she has humility in the way of a fault, she often believes her work to be horrible, and for that reason will rarely follow through with what she starts. If she gets whapped over the head often enough, though, she can be convinced to finish. She sometimes sounds a bit too much like her role model, and thus sometimes it might seem as though she's copying R.A Salvatore's style verbatum, but she is really trying to forge her own. She just lapses sometimes. She is also horrible at reviewing, her own work or the work of others. Thus, her work may have some holes that she missed because of this, and she might be bad at leaving reviews, so she apologizes.

She also apologizes far too often.

-->Current Works

Kitsune is working on two novels, Prophecy's Cry and ShadowScape. The first is a prequel to the second, but she is unsure which one she will release first when she completes these. She is currently withholding the plot until she gets further into the novels.

She is also starting several fanfictions, currently three of which will run for some time. These are based off Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School, Battle Royale, and EverQuest II.

-->More to come.

Beneath the Kitsune

-->Contact Information

Kitsune is very shy when meeting new people, but she loves to make new friends. She apologizes if she is contacted and seems either very aloof or very silly when replying - she is just no good at most social situations.

She can be contacted in several ways. She has some e-mails: kawaii.chibikitsune@gmail.com is the most-used one, but sometimes Samma-chan@hotmail.com or wyld_wolf@hotmail.com are more reliable.She has AIM, which is currently HakaNoHotaru, but sometimes changes if she becomes overwhelmed with people contacting her. If she is not on there, she may be on KawaiKitsuneChan. She is also on MSN, through project_boogiepop@hotmail.com. She also has a cell phone and physical addresses and stuffs, but you need a very good reason for those.

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