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Obsessions (i.e. fandoms I attempt to write for): FIREFLY! Xena, Six Feet Under, Sex and The City, Homicide: Life on the Street, The Sopranos, Brimstone, Good Vs. Evil, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek, Star Wars.

Mini Me Bio: I've been writing fan fiction for several years, beginning with the show seaQuest DSV. Shut up, that was a VERY cool show! My obsession with Crossovers didn't begin until I started watching Buffy in its second season. Something about Buffy and crossing it with other series/movies/books that's awfully appealing to me.

A few small facts:

Tolkien Purist. Though I enjoyed the movie version of FOTR, and will see TTT and ROTK, I am a Purist. My LOTR works are done with a fellow purist so if you're looking for movie based fic from me, sorry. Won't find it.

I love slash stories but I do not slash for the Harry Potter fandom. I have issues with it. I begrudge no one else the right to enjoy and write HP slash. Subtext may find it's way into some of my HP works, I admit, but as for full on slash - no. Won't do it. Won't read it. For just about any other fandom, though, I'll give slash, if it's well done, a shot. I'm more into relationships and not NC-17 sexual escapades, though. Call me crazy but I like a little plot with my slash.

Works in progress: Some more Harry Potter. I have ideas for Firefly fics and I always get stuck when I try to do a SG-1 story. Since seeing the movie *Chicago, I've been having velma/Roxie femslash bunnies bouncing in my brain. If those see the light of day, who knows?

To those who are fans of my co-authored Buffy/Lord of the Rings works, I have another couple chapters written on the crossover. It WILL BE done by the end of February. Of 2003, that is.

Quote Of My Life:

"Why do people have to die?"
"To make life important." - Claire, Nate, Six Feet Under.