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Author has written 8 stories for Romance, and Fantasy.

My writings, WIPs and whims.

The Adventures of Gavin and Katie- Just in case anyone is getting confused by the chronology, the order of the adventures of Gavin and Katie, as they theoretically "occur" is...

1: Not (the Christmas before senior year)

2: Save the Cheerleader (the Halloween of senior year)

3: First Things First (between Halloween and Thanksgiving senior year)

4: Surprisingly Unsurprised (Thanksgiving of senior year)

Save the Cheerleader: In a nutshell: Gavin and Katie are in a strictly hate-hate relationship. Ha ha. I guess things aren't going according to plan? Because now she's in trouble, and maybe Gavin's not okay with that. Maybe Gavin is so not okay with that, he may have to take measures so that she's never in trouble again. Can you say personal bodyguard?

Surprisingly Unsurprised: Gavin and Katie are back! It's Thanksgiving with her family, and poor Gavin may not survive. : ) I wrote it from Katie's POV this time, y'all will have to let me know which POV you like better. Can be read as a separate story.

Not: Yet another installment of Gavin and Katie. Some one shot, huh? This episode is set the Christmas before STC. Katie is sick, and Gavin can't bring himself to leave her alone. I'm sorry it dies at the end. I may edit it later. In which Gavin decides 'not' is a stupid word.

First Things First: Gavin and Katie go on their first date! To a skateboarding park! Oh, what fun! And on top of that, Gavin's been doing weird ever leaving. Ever. How will our favorite mismatched couple prevail? That is really the question. Inspired by Noie's input. Go give her cookies! And really guys, by this point, you should just read all of them. It might make sense alone, it might not. I, for one, am going to shamelessly promote reading all of my stories as the obvious solution. ;)

Gavin/Katie Spin-Offs-

Withdrawals: James (Gavin/Katie fans will know him from Surprisingly Unsurprised) is a bank teller working at the drive-through window. He's happy working there until he falls for one of his customers, who has never seen him, and who therefore obviously assumes that he's a sixty year old pothead lesbian with a fetish for animal print. Drama ensues. :) Don't like how this one turned out as much as STC, but will conquer the dastardly villain writer's block!

Multiple-chapter Stories-

The Twilight of a Tale: My baby. I love this story! Things should move a lot faster now that Draumur's on the scene. At least I hope they do. Anyway, I can't seem to figure out the genre on this story (I've changed it like six times) so any suggestions are appreciated. As an actual summary, and maybe a bit of an explanation...this is set in an alternate universe where Stories are real, human-like figures with emotions and trials and everything else we go through. 'We', that is, mankind, are referred to as Speakers, because it is our speaking that gives birth to them. The twist comes in where our protagonist is concerned: she is an incomplete Story. This makes her almost radioactive, and detrimental to the health of other Stories. For this reason, she is shunned. So, when something bad happens, how is she going to get help?? That is the drama. Along the way she meets up with Draumur, who quickly becomes her friend, confidante, and love interest. Awww. Anyway, that's about it. Any further questions I will try to answer as best I can without ruining the story. Good? Or no?

Of Whims and Wizards: This is an experiment. I love fairy tales, and Disney, but I am rather disturbed by the lack of depth afforded to the characters, particularly the females. So, I've unleashed myself upon the world of fantasy. I know, be afraid. Most are the generic humor/romance category (I enjoy putting characters in awkward situations) but some are a bit weird. The Frog Prince/The Nude Knight is now completed!! Also following will be re-tellings of Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp, and many others, though not necessarily in that order. Cinderella Part One is now completed. It's been giving me fits, not gonna' lie. But take heart! I've actually uploaded!

The 25 Day Phase: Basically Little Miss Cynic Natty has given dutiful loverboy Trent the rest of her senior year (25 days) to convince her and himself that he is really, truly in love with her. Now I am all for that mushy gushy stuff, but the dramatic question is still: will he get the girl? And what sorts of bumps and bruises will be incurred along the way? New chapter story that I was itching to do more with, so up it goes. I can promise that it will be vastly amusing, at least for me, because Natty is just sort of angry, as a person. And Trent is not one to back down lightly. Hopefully there will be muchos dramatic outbursts and/ or declarations of undying passion. Because that's what defines high school, dontcha' know. That's it, I think. We'll see how this goes.

BTW, my little sister is Abigail Night, and you should look her up. Not that I'm biased, or anything. :)


To any of you foolish enough to still be haunting my fictionpress account, I formally apologize. It seems the real world doesn't like to let me write! But never fear. I haven't abandoned my stories, just... sent them on vacation for a while. I can't promise when- if ever- I get back into the swing of steady updating, but I'll try! Thanks for reading, I am, as always...

Your radiant writer (or...whatever ; )


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