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I'm a crazy thirteen-year-old girl that lives in beautiful Toronto, Canada. I'm a proud hopeless romantic. I didn't think much of writing until a friend told me that I can write pretty emotional pieces of work. Ahh...mon inspiration. Authors on Fictionpress can give Ms. Rowling and others a run for their money. Ahhh...more inspiration. Writing is my alcohol and reviews are my drugs. Well...they will be after I post my stories up. :)

I love sappy romance stories with sad and tragic endings. I love funny comedies that make me giggle. Tehe. I love horrific mysteries that go bump in the night. I also love sappy romance, funny comedies and horrific mysteries mixed into one. So, yeah, recommend much?

Friends are my life, so if you would like one or need one, contact me and I'll make you laugh. Writers are my inspiration, so if you would like to be a role model, contact me and make yourself proud. Reviews are my drugs, so if you would like to get me high and going, review on my stories and watch me fly!

What is that phrase that they use here...Ah, yes. R&R! And enjoy!


1. First story, "It isn't love till it hurts" - Chapter 1 is up! Chapy 2 being worked on.

2. Second Story (Sequel to "It isn't love till it hurts"), "To hell with Reunions" - Will be worked on after first story is finished.

3. Third story - Unplanned. (Will be worked on when I get my first book published. Tehe.)