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Okay so hey everyone I'm Jennieand Ireallly want to do this thing called song or movie or food or reviewer of the week or month but then im gonna be taking my best friends idea soI won't do that. My best friends in the entire world is Rebecca and Karen. They are my life andI lovethem more than air lol. Well BYE!

Character Pictures

(Hi guys, this is Rebecca, Jennie's best friend, um...I'm trying to figure out these picture things, but I'm having a LOT of trouble, so bear with me here...We'll have them up tomorrow hopefully...)

Caia- ">" target="new">

(Anneliese Van Der Pol from That's So Raven.

Tyler- ">" target="new">
(Shane West)

Ethan- ">" target="new">
(James Franco)

Mom- ">" target="new">
(Kirstie Alley)

Dad- ">" target="new">
(Richard Gere)

Chocolate Cupcake

Carrie- ">" target="new">
(Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls)

Anna- ">" target="new">
(Sandra Bullock)

Sarah- ">" target="new">
(Mackenzie Rossman from Seventh Heaven...She was the only actress I could find with hair as curly as my best friend's...You should seriously see my BFF, it's ridiculous how curly her hair is...)

Gabby- "> (Keira Knightley)

Judy- "> (Blake Lively from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)

Tyler- "> (I don't know his name. Gordo from Lizzie McGuire, which REBECCA, who is doing these DAMN photos on JENNIE's profile, HATES! Let's go kill Hilary Duff! No, she seems perfectly decent, since she doesn't wear revealingn clothes! So I'm with her on that...)

Ross- (Drake Bell from Drake and Josh, and Rebecca says don't watch the show 'cause it lacks humor. It really needs to hire good writers.)

Jack- (Ashley Parker Angel, whom Rebecca has never heard of...Unless he's from that new band and he sings Let you go, 'cause Rebecca dislikes that song. A lot. Rebecca says listen to 'Senses Fail!')

Kyle- (Josh Peck from Drake and Josh, and Rebecca asks, "must I repeat my line about Drake and Josh? Go back to the picture of 'Ross')

Rob- Jennie says that she doesn't know who I should put up for this picture. Rebecca says, (and Rebecca likes to speak in third person if you haven't noticed) she doesn't even know who Rob is! Then she says to Jennie, "Is that supposed to be Austin?"

Bye guys. Thank Rebecca for this. NOT JENNIE! Who sat on her ass and emailed me who to put up for these people. She deserves NO credit. Thank you, and goodnight.


To the Winter Games- About a girl named Caia who wants to fulfill her dream while keeping away her evil mother...I suppose...

Chocolate Cupcake- A story about a group of friends (my group of friends) and what happens to them...Sounds boring, but definitely worth your time! And if you hate it, smack Jennie. 'cause Rebecca's writing this, and she doesn't wanna get smacked...hehehe)

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