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Mew! o_o;;

March 05th: Ahahahaha so I broke the chain. I broke it bad XD Why? I've been UBERLY distracted, but im like on such an emotional high from something that happened last night, that like, writing some more was all I could do NOT to squeel out loud. Though the only ones who would hear it would be Ryan and my little brother, and Ryan would just think i fell again and would come over to make sure I wasnt dead, then laugh XD.

And like I had FULL intentions of updating after THAT, but I didnt XD I'm so baaad. Anyways, me and my good friend Cammy kun have started a manga. Still namless though X_X We will make a site for it soon though and put the link up here ^^

And now that all my rambling that you dont really care at ALL about is done...I will tell you what I updated! Its a new story So proud to die. No, it isnt about unrequitted love. Not about much. But I cant garentee a good ending X_X I never can. But then again this was inspired by my emotional high, SO MAYBE IT WILL! You'll just have to read to find out ^_~

LOVE YOU ALL! >> Some more then others BUT I STILL LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! *squeels, giggles and runs off to go write something else*

Hi there! I'm Carol Nawali. More commonly known as Heather, but dont worry about that name. I'm a highschool freshman who recently turned 15. My birthday is december 11th, and gifts are loved O_O XD. Um...Lets see. I write. But you knew that already right? Otherwise, why would you be looking at this? My little sister calls me a 15 year old prodigy, but there are a lot of better writers then myself out there ^_^;;

Um, I write because I love it, and it helps me express what im feeling. I love slipping into the world of the characters. Possesing one of them, and following the story. Watching it like a little movie before my very eyes. Its a great feeling!! I hope one day, my joy, can become my life as well. I wish to be a writer, so bad!!!

Now, there are some things you should know (Okay, not SHOULD, but I want you to know) about me and my sources of insperation. I'm the eldest sister of the Nawali family. I have a twin sister, and a little sister who is but a year younger. I also have a World of Warcraft addicted brother ^_^

My little sister also has a Fiction press account! Go visit it:!!! Um, her nick name is Paine Nawali, though her real name is Selina. She's 14 and she can write like mad! but she can draw even better ^_^ We are best friends, and well best sisters I suppose to >>;; Shes uber cool, and UBER PRETTY EVEN THOUGH SHE DENIES IT! OH! And shes more then likely planning your death right now ^_^ Dont take it personally, its just how she is! Thats why I love her so! bad side? We like the same guy!!! O_O

My other sister, My twin, refuses to join the site. Because shes evil like that ^_^ Shes a Lolita, or something like that >_>;; she explains it as a "Cute goth" *shrugs* Just aint my sorta thing, but if she likes it, she likes it ^_^ She draws too! She writes as well >_>; Currently having love life problems, but then again, which of the Nawalis arent?! ^_^ Tee hee. You wont be seeing her here much, unless she gets the insentive to review me or Paine.

Then last, but DEFINATLY not least: Mickey. The unworldy man O_O Actually hes only 18 ^^ But still. Hes uber cool. Hes my editior too!! *giggles happily* Well for "where the lightning splits the sea" anyways. >_>;; he hasnt touched any of my other works ^^ Yes. This is the guy I like. So sue me O_O; Um...major source of most my insperation, but since im like totally Head over heels for him, dont be surprised if there is a lot of fluff in my writing. But then again, dont be surprised if theres not. I mean -_- He doesnt like me back.

Anyways! Thats me! OH! And one more thing! I. Love. To. Talk. To. PEOPLE! I live for it! SOOOOOOOOOO You know what that means? Thats right! TALK TO ME! You can find me here


Yahoo: Carol_Nawali

Myspace: ">

GO THERE! You must! Because you love me! 333

OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! I HAVE A FANSITE?!?!?!?!?! This is like...WOAH X_X


A lost reason: Its kinda funny...Kinda a girl so afraid of death...could kill so easily...

Fatali was just a normal happy girl. She didnt need a guy. She had friends all around her, she was doing well in school, everything seemed perfect. Everything seemed right. But then he walked in, and nothing was the same. She found what she had been missing, and suddenly needed it in her life. She fell for him. And she fell hard. when hes about to do something that would end up killing him...what lengths will she go to stop him?

Motherly love: She loved him with her heart and soul...

Mayu wanted nothing more then for the guy she loved to love her back, and for her singing to take her somewhere in life. So what happens when love IS returned...but in a different manner? How is a 15 year old girl to take it, when the love of her life starts calling her 'mother'!! Follow the funny and akward life of Mayu Keitha as she tries to figure out what exactly happened to her life.

So Proud to Die: 5 girls. 5 boys. Each are head over heels for each other, but when war breaks out the males of the small and quiet village have to leave to defend their country. When the platoon comes back from war, and the girls find the men they love are MIA (Missing in action) they take it in their own hands to find their loved ones. Watch out enemies! 5 girls, pissed and in love are NOT a force to be messed with! With their love driving them forward, and their wits keeping them alive, follow as each of the 5 girls risk life and limb for the only ones they care about!

The dork squad!!

What is the dork squad you ask? Oh well that is easy! You could also call us the Colour squad. We are a bunch of good friends who have seen a lot together ^_^ This site being one of them. So dont be surprised if you see frequent reviews from these peoples!

Ryan Colt- Aka Taylor. Another Hawaii boy, crazy as hell X_X He is, and forever will be, my very first fan boy ^_^ He is always exicted about my updates, ( heaven knows why X_X) and he clings to me alot. ^_^ He calls me his idol. I feel loved! XD Go read: The 10 elements from him

Paine Nawali- Aka Selina. Shes my little sister! Want more details about her? Scroll up! Shes got a section up there! XD Go read: innocent till proven guilty from her

NuregoftheelvesAka Mitch. Hes my...well older brother in a sense o_O. Um, hes...sorta a fanboy? Im not really sure with him X_X He writes better then me, but is a fan of my work. Is that possible? Go read: My name is Jack from him.

Cookie Babes- AKA Nicki. Shes cool! She's currently going out with Taylor, and loves him so much its cute! She has no story up as of yet, BUT she will! And when she goes, you must go read!

Thats all of them for now. If more of the dork/Colour squad signs up, they will be put here! ^_^ Much love,

Your favorite little authress,


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