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Renovations, renovations, renovations! New chapters of Male Order Bride and Ouji-sama should be out either today or tomorrow. I'm half-way through them now. Sorry for leaving you hanging so long -_-; Things piled up...

Welcome to a land of insanity...

:Home to the Sumi Bird:

Has been called Kasumi, Sumi, Ka-chan, Goddess (...I'm not joking)
+ Has been 16 for a while now...
+ Has been in Sixth Form for almosta year
+ Has been an anime obsessor for too long to remember
+ Has beenjrock-mad for even longer
+ Has been writing for close to four years now
+ Has become a firm believer in 'Love as thou Wilt'
+ Has never had a real religion other than 'Forcity'
+ Has her own religion (see above)
+ Has rotted teeth from too much Strawberry Pocky

To Note...

I write slash/BL/shounen-ai primarily, I have an idea for a hetero fic but it may be a long time coming as of yet. I do however, read good hetero fic so...if you have any to recommend?

Stories at a Glance

:In Progress:

Ouji-sama no BURAIDO Monogatari
Shounen-ai, cross-dressing, talking cats, oh my! Shiomi Yuuji's life is completely changed when he falls from a tree and ends up in another world. In a strange turn of events he ends up as a Bride Candidate for this Kingdom's Prince with no way out of it - except for a beheading but that isn't exactly his cup of tea.

Writing Status: Posted Chapter Seven Started Chapter Eight - Fushigi na Inu. Yuuji goes looking for the missing Prince and meets someone unexpected who shows him the way...

Male-Order Bride
Shounen-ai. a very short Asian boy and an American who just wants to go home. Well...his wish isn't about to be granted anytime soon. Because of his father losing a game of poker online Alec is sent around the world to become the fiancé of one Hideko Keita. So...can his life really get anymore complicated? Of course! What with rival schoolboys, crossdressing pretty boys, crushes, part-time jobs and freeing animals from local laboratories his life is about to get more than a little interesting.

Writing Status: Finished Chapter 4, and also renamed it. Chapter 5 will be Alec's POV and will take Chp 4's old title;Right out of a Porn Film.

The Mrs Synch Series
Shounen-ai and match-making old women who seem strangely like Mary Poppins for the gay supernatural community. Mrs Synch is an old woman who spends her time talking to her dead husband, looking after her granddaughter who happens to be a vampire, feeding her black cat and matchmaking the supernatural company. Life will never be the same again for the people she decides are 'perfect' for each other. First Story, ‘Ghost in the Bathroom’: Zachary Harrows is a ghostbuster but, strangely enough, he is one of the most cynical people out there. Mrs Synch decides that the friendly ghost haunting her bathroom would be perfect for him.

Writing Status: Half-way through Part One of ‘Ghost in the Bathroom’.

Finding Elysium
Shounen-ai, fantasy, angst, humour and cuteness all in one.
Wanted in five galaxies for thievery and using force against the Royal Detectives Rhadis just wanted a place to escape. He didn't expect to find it when he went flying through an open window in a home that would eventually turn his life upside down. Now he’s met Tylir, a caped boy who seems determined to turn his life upside down as the two search for a paradise in a land of hell.

Writing Status: Finished the first part. Onto 2 _ C A U G H T.

Dominance Master/Café au Lait, avec Amour
Slash, BDSM, humour and a café situated in Los Angeles.
Keith isn’t aware how much his life will change when he becomes busboy at a famous café…a café filled with supernatural beings who all seem to be obsessed with sex. How is he supposed to do his job when they keep on trying to ‘distract’ him?

Writing Status: Just starting Part One (Bienvenue), Chapter One (Tactful)


My writing journal: http://

My life journal: http://kasumi_


9/07/06: I keep on forgetting to update this XD; Well, Chapter Four of Male-Order Bride Keita's POV is up, along with new story; Finding Elysium. Please try it out! I like the idea behind this one...also, Rhadis is awesome to write XD; Another new story; Red Link will be up tomorrow, along with (hopefully), Dominance Master.

1/07/06: So, with an excessive use of caffeine I was able to stay up last night writing OnBM and finished off Chapter Seven this morning. I hope you'll enjoy it! Blaise will be back in a few chapters but in the next one we meet two of my favourite in the whole series :D Kenis (who you've already made...sort-of) and a new one!

26/06/06: Late, late! D: I'm so bad, sorry -.- Styx Chapter 9 uploaded!Chapter 4 of MOB is also up for your reading pleasure.

15/06/06: Iyaa, sorry I've been gone for so long! Exams finally started to take their toll. Oh well, I'm back! And have updated Styx Chapter 8 :D I'll try and get more chapters out tomorrow/later when I have more time.

3/06/06: Styx has been updated with Chapter 7.

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Oujisama no BURAIDO Monogatari reviews
(m/m) On his birthday Shiomi Yuuji fell off a tree whilst rescuing his pet cat and entered another world...naked. He is rescued by a horse; cooed over by a strict housekeeper and turned into a bride-candidate for a prince all in one day...huh.
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