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Pseudonym: Cailin/Hikari

Real Name: Chara Pronounced like: Khar-ah

Age: Young enough to still know how to really dream...and old enough to know the importance of sharing that knowledge with those who have forgotten.

Gender: Female. Most definitely a bearer of girly-bits.

Height: Taller than you... (O_o)

Blood Type: The kind in my veins?

Occupation: Rocking the world guessed it! ME!

Tools of the Trade: Computer, keyboard, Wacom tablet, pencil, sketchbook/notebook, and my brain.

Favorite Color(s): All of them. Plus the brilliant ones no one can see.

Favorite Food: The ones I don't detest. I'm being funny. Laugh

Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper, apple juice, and water.

Mission: Few comprehend the great mystery of unfathomable love...I am here to impart a fragment of understanding through prose and amusing literature. That and to take over and indoctrinate the world with my namesake. Which is the Greek flavor of Joy, as it were. Hahahah.

Random Bits: I am the second born of six, I like collecting things, my room WAS ONCE yellow checker board WHICH I LOVED!, I had two cats: Sparkie and Miyavi that I swore would one day turn into handsome blokes from an alien planet. I'm brilliantly loyal, and terribly opinionated. I also have a lovely and some would say sad or sick obsession with Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese dramas...But I can't help it if God made Mike He and Jang Geun Seok gorgeous. Though I can help enjoying sappy, cliche, fluffy stories about people who can't seem to stop angsting about SOMETHING. Hahaha, I, admittedly, choose not to.

I thank God for every wonderful and even ridiculous idea I have about this world in which I live. My brain makes my life a lot more interesting, and it's thanks to His wonderful planning and great wisdomosity that I have it to call my own.


Other Stoofs:

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Shadow Kiss-
Angel, born of the fire of life and the darkness of death, is haunted by dreams
of faceless phantoms and the wordless sounds of a lullaby that has never been sung.
Her only sanctuary from the nightmares is an abandoned manor up on a hill,
a private refuge where the ghosts of another life provide a welcome distraction.
Then the Casteels move in, stealing away her playground.
Their presence is a disruption that has the gossiping boys and girls of her school buzzing.
It doesn't help that their icons, the children of rich and powerful gents and ladies, are hanging out
with the alarming new arrivals.
Rather suddenly, the town Angel calls Lackluster, begins to take on the shape
of her darkest dreams.
Her world is becoming the bed of a sinister enchantment;
the secret canvas for unfathomable things.
Weaving silver paths along the edge of her vision are butterflies with cobalt wings.

(Finished, but revising.)

The Art of Drowning-
(Mode: Will get around to it...maybe.)
He's beautiful. He's creepy. He's mute. He's beautiful. He's an anomaly. And did we mention he's beautiful?
He's everything the world wants, defined solely by a haunting voice and ebony eyes.
The Freshmen are obsessed with him; the star football player is fresh for his form; and everyone else contends for his attention.
Star's immune.
At least...she likes to SAY she is.
Never mind that when he looks at her (and he seems to be doing that a lot lately) she forgets all sane thought, and when he speaks at her (never to) she has a a hard time at working up a response. Forget that when he touches her...well, lets just say the world becomes null and void. Though, it's got to be understandable, he has that effect on EVERYONE.
But she still can't build a believable excuse for why she's got this craving to taste his lips.


Iki O Suru-
(Mode: Doomed)

Ephemeral Wings-
(Mode: Doomed)


Stories In The Works

Once Upon A Nightmare
(Prologue complete. Have no clue when I'll get around to actually starting a chapter.)


Angel's Kiss
(Companion story to Shadow Kiss, first chapter in the works.)

Please Note: These stories will EVENTUALLY make an appearance, it all depends on how motivated I am in the next couple of years.
Also, when I say 'doomed' I mean I'll probably not continue that piece of drivel, because I mostly recognize it as a part that
helped me grow in my writing skills and was just a fun little fancy that didn't get far or have a long life. I keep it up to show my growth,
and encourage those who think they can't write that they can. Because if I can post junk like that, Lord knows they have the
potential to produce better.


I'm so engrossed in my art, I can't bother with writing seriously.
Though I've started a novel inspired by a friend.
It doesn't have a title yet.
Don't know if I'll ever put it up here.
(Statement posted 1-26-10)

The Memorandum (Note: These are quotes that provoked a lot of thought. Perhaps you could use a little time to think as well.)

-If I make the lashes dark
And the eyes more bright
And the lips more scarlet,
Or ask if all be right
From mirror after mirror
No vanity's displayed:
I'm looking for the face I had
Before the world was made.

'Before the World Was Made' from the poem 'A Woman Young and Old'

-Every experience of beauty points to (eternity.)

-All flesh is like grass, and all it's glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers and the flower falls away.

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