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I am a forty year old balding man that lives in Wyoming and secretively tape my neighbour's wife while she's in the shower. Yes, at first glance, it may seem that I'm actually a fourteen year old overweight girl that lives in Pennsylvania, but I assure you that that it is only a disguise to prevent the police from finding out my true identity. For I... am...Trojan Man! . As you can see, I'm slightly insane. Only slightly, though; in real life I'm more of the introverted type that shies away from social intereaction, suffers from depression, social anxiety disorder, and an inferiority complex. I have an extreme obsession with various anime/manga, and Harry Potter. I spend entirely too much time on the computer and... I love to write. I know what you're thinking, 'She loves writing?! Then what the hell is she doing here?!' Well, let me just tell you that I'm daring like that. ;) Ano... Yep, that's about it... :)


I just watched Saw II, and I'm inspired to write some sort of thrilling suspense/horror movie that delves into the recesses of the human mind. Yep... I really like gory movies. A lot. And I like movies that make me think, like Saw, or The Hole if you've even heard of it. Ah, the desperation of the human mind to survive... 'tis a beautiful thing, is it not? Or maybe I'm just some freak-o that needs medication. Either one is good, really. ;)

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I can be contacted at [email protected].

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Brotherly love by untitled furniture reviews
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Ryan, my older brother by a year, told me something when I turned fourteen and got to hang out with him in high school. He said, ‘Don’t crush on my friends, okay?’ Unfortunately… I’m a rebel.
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Maybe It's Not So Bad After All reviews
A fun ol' cliche class camping trip. You can probably already guess that some of the students get lost, right? Yep. But you know what's even more fun? The rumours of a crazy old witch being true, or so says the talking kitten (whose actually human) o.O
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Lurker reviews
- 'I grew up in an insane asylum.' That's probably one of the most random things that has ever come from my mouth, and I guess I would have found it entirely funny had it not been true." -
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