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Tuesday, February 28, 2006: put up 3rd chapter for The 10 Elements.

Monday, February 27, 2006: Put up one new story (3 chapters long x_x') and two new poems that I found lurking around my documents folder. Also like to thank every one for reading my work, especially watchmefly^_^ who was a randomer who reviewed my work 3. I'm still working on The 10 Elements, and I MIGHT keep updating Burning Water, which isnt totally complete (3rd Chapter is missing an ending x.x')

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Carol Nawali -

Shes one of my closest friends ='D and I am her first and bestest fanboy!! xD *dances about* shes also trying to repair me o.o' like get me into public school so I can hang out and have my normal life back... good luck with that Carol xD! Go read all of her work! its amazing! *goes on and on about how great Carol is in the normal fanboy way*

Cookie Babes -

My dear dear sweet heart Nicki ^.^ , I shall always love her! =D she dosent have any work up at the moment (T_T) but she will soon, when her three day thingy is over.


Heheheh ^. ^ my "helper-person" for The 10 Elements, and also one of my craziest friends o.o' (he scares me with his "Jack" story T_T)

Paine Nawali-

She scares me >.>' a lot.. =D but I enjoy reading some of her writing ^. ^ though she is amazing as an artist!

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MSN Addy: tj_sycopath@yahoo.com also my e-mail.

Yahoo instant messenger: Tj_sycopath

AIM: KaneoheHero

PLEASE feel free to randomly add me to any of your instant messenger programs, I enjoy talking to people very much, even if I dont know you very well, I'd love to get to know you all, I enjoy getting feedback for any and all of my work, even if its not the greatest feedback, just give me some so I may imrpove my writing in the smallest way possible..

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