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Name: Rowan Cross

Age: 16

Favorite Shows: Buffy, Smallville, Supernatural, Law and Order (SVU), House, Hell's Kitchen, Strong Medicine, Angel, Six Feet Under.

Favorite Movies: Final Destination series, The Skulls, Bless the Child, Chicago, Batman Begins, The Davinci Code, The Excorcist, Jeepers Creepers, The Notebook, A Love Story, Alexander, Superman, Troy, Lord of the Rings, The Bone Collecter.

Favorite Authors: Janet Evanovich, Dean Koontz, Julie Anne Peters, JK Rowling (though I feel herfifteen minutes of fame are through), Han Nolan, and my personal favorite: Dan Brown. I urge ANYONE who has notread his books to go buy them now. Hands down, best books I have ever read. His blend of religion and science, history and myth, researched for years before written. Quality work in a world where literature has gone all to Hell.On this site I mostly swing between mystery/suspense and humor and sometimes a story that is a little more dramatic if I'm in the mood. I'm not a big fan of poetry, in my opinion it is just a waste of time and an incredibly ineffective way of writing. Of course, one or two masters have always caught my opinion such as work by Poe and other darker poems that tell a story.

Hobbies:Book are a passion of mine as is any form of artistic expression. Lately I have become interested in art, especially ones done by the old masters.I play in the school band and marching band as a trombonist and it is one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. The games, the competitions, the people. Amazing.I love music of all kinds; country, rock, new age, jazz, alternative, etc.I also have a stong interest in religion from Christianity to Pagan and I have started doing research with the plan of doing essays on this site. I also am a great lover of mythology, especially involving theancient Greek Gods.

I planned to work on one story at a time, but the ideas come at me so fast that I'm forced to do my muse's bidding. That and certain people are in desperate need of my nit-picking skills. A word, review stories. It is so disrespectful to the writer not to review their work, wheter it was good or bad. On the same not, don't get discouraged if you aren't getting reviews. Writing should be a personal triumph that needs no validation from an outside source. Be on the look out for new stories and updates on my old ones before the new school year begins.

Current Stories:

Older and Further Away: Prequel to Blood Ties. First in a series of stories about family drama. Twins taken apart from each other the night that their mother murders their brother only to be reunited years later. Both are dismayed to see how the other has changed. Abuse, Mild Slash, Murder, Angst, Teenage Pregnency.WIP. NEW!

Brigid: (Essay/Spiritual) Perhaps the most beloved Goddess of all time. Accepted by both the Catholic Chruch and originated by the ancient Pagans. Gives information from a secular stand point on the Goddess and the saint. WIP. NEW!

Mistress of the Night: (Horror/Supernatural) Mercia is a legend mercenary of the vampires, as well as the queen of the underworld. One day she finds a street urchin and knows she has found her successor. Keiara finds herselfas the reluctanthead of a coven of vampiresand in the middle of a centuries old war.WIP.

Blood Ties: (Drama/General) Follows the life of an abused and neglected boy from birth to his teens. Can he turn his life around? And can uncle show him what love is really about? And just when things are looking up, his girlfriend has an annoncement, one that may change his life. WIP.

Paper Politics: (Political/Romance)As the world sits precariously on thepolitical change of the decade, a journalist reflects on her life and theprejudices she has faced.WIP.

Heroes of Bandtopia: (Comedy/Parody) -smiles sheepishly- This is sort of an indulgence for me, co-authored by Bressa W. aka deepdishbrowniebaker -rolls eyes-. Bandtopia is a peaceful place (considering it's ran by crossdressers) where band students can live and march in harmony. However, one evil baritone is out to destroy it all. Three women are called on and must put their differences aside to save Bandtopia with the help of a few... eccentric characters along the way. WIP, worked on at authors convenience.

Brave New World: (Fantasy/Action) The Goddess of Destruction is awakening from a long sleep and the land of Tourelle is thrown into chaos. The people become disillusioned and with the world they knew gone, five very different women are drawn into alliance. Is it enough to survive the Broken Lands and bring back the world they knew?WIP. Updated ASAP.

Future Stories:

Remember Me As I Was: (Romance/Tragedy) The most famous vampire of the last century falls in love with a mortal. However, he soon discovers that mortal love must always die and there is no such thing as immortal love.Published: Before the end of summer!

The Prison of the Mind: (Psychological Thriller) A young woman retreats within herself to a wondeful world of her fantasies. However, things take a horrid turn and she is trapped in a world of terror and violence. When she next returns to the real world she discover her family dead and herself the prime suspect. A young, assistant psychologist tries to help her. Published: By December, for research purposes.

Wicca:Starts with a basic crash course of the religion. History, magic, deities, holidays, different traditions, and myth dismissal. Later we will move onto more advanced Wiccan studies including the different forms, creating your ownspells and own traditions, and philosophy behind Wicca.Published: Next summer, research purposes.


Rowan Cross

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First in a series of stories about family drama. Twins taken apart from each other the night that their mother murders their brother only to be reunited years later. Both are dismayed to see how the other has changed. Abuse, Mild Slash, Murder, Angst, Tee
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