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"I'm nobody! Who are you?

Are you nobody, too?

Then there's a pair of us - don't tell!

They'd banish us, you know.

How dreary to be somebody!

How public, like a frog

To tell your name the livelong day

To an admiring bog!

~ Emily Dickinson.

ugly hypocrisy: before, I thought that most people didn't really think, REALLY
feel. Why did I decide this? Because no one speaks of real things, or writes
them overtly. Yeah, brilliant. absulutely brilliant. have i ever talked, REALLY
talked with anyone about life? yes. But never with "friends", and
never completely honestly, without any facades. I'm no more capable of
expressing the deepest thoughts that THEM. Or, i am. But only with mamachka.
they, too, might be "fullfilling" themselves with someone, just not
with me. perhaps the undrelying, ugly reason was that I wanted to be
"special." to be able to think of myself as different. There's
nothing wrong with a person being different than/ALIKE others of their society,
as long as they're really being true to themselves. It hurts because i'm human,
so terribly human. oh, this is so darkly sad. yeah, we figured out how to
communicate, but we so rarely actually use this amazing skill to communicate
about REAL things. Yeah, unlike animals, we love. have friends. best friends.
but these friends don't know us, not that little kernel packed deep inside
which is truly us. The soul of a person, in all its glory. shining with light,
bleeding around the edges." ~ me! just thought that might give you some (weird) insight into your truly.


heh... um, hello. The name's Abby; call me Abigail, and you'll wish your parents were hit REALLY hard in the nether regions the day before they met. Um.. i'm not really sure why I had to be just sooo detailed: basically, you die. yesh. hey, not so bad, I've already written 2 whole sentences just about my name! or rather, about my un-name.

Weeell. let's see. I like to think. That might sound kinda weird, and a tad pretentious, but i mean that i like to think about life, people, the world.. STUFF!!I'd really really really want to meet anyone who also cared and thought about life. I guess my friends, or some of them, think about stuff, but not all that much. Its rather hard to talk deeply with people, even if they DO think. yeah. philosophy really interests me, as do people. um, no, i'm not a stalker.. i just like to learn about people's way of thinking, of being. i'd like to be either a shrink or a teacher when i grow up (IF i grow up), though a very very good teacher/shrink has to also be the other. yeah. i keep saying yeah...

this didn't really come out right, but.. perhaps you'll understand after you read some of mes crappe. IF you even care!! : )

oh, I'm 15 years old, and live in Massachusetts... piano, singing, reading, reading, writing, reading, talking, talking a lot, singing, cuddling with a cat or two, tickle-fight with brother, reading, its aaaaalll maaahverlous. yup.

ooh, about BOOKS. Be My Knife by David Grossman. Either you won't understand it at all, and you'll die of boredom (GOOD RIDDANCE!! jk..) or you will. And then you will cry. Its a.. a.. a BEAUTIFUL book. Also by David Grossman, Someone to Run With. Its a great book which will help you be YOU, as you read? Comprendo? probably not. 'ats arright, I don't really either. Catcher in the Rye by Salinger is awesome possum... I'm in love with the book. completely. it cuts me to pieces, and lets me understand the pieces.. how do you spell pieces/peices... psh.

oh yeah, here's the superficial bits about your master (that would be me): dark brown hair, some color eyes.. er.. lemme check.. brownish/greeninsh/somethingish, gargantuan feet, 5'5ish.. average height, thin, with SHARP elbows.. thats about it. i wear some pretty darn amazing stuff: HUGE glasses, plaid... why? so as to make sure i don't start caring too much about what i look like. it isn't working all that well.. surprise surprise.. i'm of the female spieces, believe it or not. people who call me cute suffer the same fate as those who call me Abigail. (see above).

well, wasn't that awkward... now lets go on to better things... I'm in 9th grade (big, scary high-school. yesh.) which is a BAGILLION times better than middle school.. though, then again, isn't everything? i try mucho hard to be myslf, but i find myself behind a facade sometimes at school. its a very nice facade. with all sorts of nice turrets and stuff.. erm.. righto. well, thats about it. i'd really really really like to talk to people, for REAL, if you know what i mean. if you have no idea, that basically proves my point. *cough*.. so e-mail me, IM me, or R & R me *she throws in nonchalently*.. OR ALL THREE!! HURRAH! ah.. yeah.. so, thats me. or, as much of me as i'm acquainted with.. if you're not too creeped out, i'm quite grateful. . toodles!

p.s: I'M RUSSIAN!! HUZZAH! Привет! (Hi/Bye) fellow russians, speeeak tooo meee!! Пожалуйста!

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