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Hi folks. I'm Riku and I'm bi and perverted.

Sister: Hi, I'm her sister Yami. I'm straight and I am adorable.

Me: Get out of my room you little brat!

Sister: Waaahh!! Mom! Sis is being mean to me!

Me: Whatever. Gotta go and kill my sister right now. Now if you'll excuse me. (Gets up and walks slowly towards little sister with evil eyes)

Sister: (runs away with Riku following her) Aahh! Mom, sis is trying to kill me again!!

Day 2

Me: Hello again folks. How are ya?

Sister: I'm great! ^^

Me: I wasn't talking to you, you little brat.

Sister: Waahhh!!!! Mom!! Sis is being mean again! (she runs off)

Me: Jeez she is annoying. Anyway folks please read my stories or I will hurt you. (mom stands behind her) Oh hi mom, hehe.

I am in so much trouble. bye folks. (runs away with mom chasing me)

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