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I'm a single 19 year old woman with a penchant for YAOI. I adore final fantasy, cars, final fantast, leather, motorsport, final fantasy, good music and final fantasy... did I mention final fantasy?

I'm from the uk and am completely and utterly in love with the final fantasy bishies. My car is my pride and joy, I got him (a ford Ka Silver [limited edition of 1000] nicknamed Squall) on the 5th of november. and have never looked back.

I've been writing YAOI for a while now, you have nakiko, flowergirl, pixie 518 and Tenshi no Korin to thank for that. An author that started with Squinoa's has come so far... and it's a good thing.

So this little bishie lover really should get on with some more writing.

Thanks to everyone who reads this and to every one that reviews. You have my gratitude and my love.



Current works in progress.

Nights in White Satin. Chapter four is waiting to be typed up.
Next JE and Chapter four of SOTW are in the planning stages.

Other Works in progress
Planning sequals to the One more addiction song fic, making a song fic arc.
Several FF7 pairings oneshots.
Considering a venture into Gundam Wing.
An Irvine and Squall pairing, inspired by the wonderful Astraea and her Irvy muse. Role playing with Irvine has been heaven
As always, YAOI ideas abound. Blame my Squall muse, he has an eye for a pretty bishie.

You may be a hero reviews
(one swear word only.) Please read and review, this is a poem for a man who was murdered last year, and praised as a hero for trying to stop the thief he was chasing... why my mates and I wish he wasn't a hero.
Poetry: General - Rated: T - English - Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 382 - Reviews: 10 - Published: 1/10/2002