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Hello everyone! I decided to get an account here from a suggestion of a good friend who has encouraged me to keep at writing; even though I've never really written much of anything before. For the time being I'm just working on my main project, Through the Fog Comes Light (which as of 03/30/10 will hopefully be risen from the depths of the hard drive and worked on to have some stuff posted!). I'm also here in hopes to get some feedback from people other than my friends on the things that I write.

I really do owe many thanks to my good friend. She has encouraged me through everything and helped me just keep going when it comes to writing. Thanks so much, C!

I guess I can divulge a little bit about myself. I'm usually not one for liking these sorts of things, especially since all the ones I see are usually all the same. Although I can't guarantee that mine will be any different, so who knows! For starters, I absolutely LOVE James Bond movies, especially the Bond men: Connery, Moore, and Brosnan are the ones who are the best in my opinon. Daniel Craig didn't do too badly with Casino Royale but what the hell did they do in Quantum of Solace?! It's too hard to choose which one is the best for the role though. I listen to pretty much anything, except country. When I say everything, I mean it! I go from Classical to Rap to Ska to Punk Rock to House and so on. I love to read as well, but I haven't done much of that lately. I can never find the time to read everything I get my hands on (which I currently have a case book on Jack the Ripper and the Zombie Survival Guide I need to start on). I've also been known to hit up the DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) machine at a local arcade. It certainly does provide an ample amount of entertainment, as well as a way to just get some form of exercise time in. I'm currently in college right now. I'm at a Big Ten school so that narrows that down for ya if you ever do choose to guess. I'm finally going back to my original major of Psychology and hoping to double major with something in Music and Sociology.

For a typical profile, it always seems like people describe themselves so much in hopes that if you don't really know who's writing it, you'll just get what type of person they are. Well, I can't really write out what type of "person" I am. I guess it's like you have to personally know me in order to really understand me. Even though I'm not sure most friends understand me at times either. But I guess I can give it a shot, what can it hurt? I guess I'm what you call a "laid back" type of person, I live life at times by the seat of my pants and just go with the flow of a situation. I've been told that upon first meeting me, friends were intimidated, I'm not sure why, but apparently I am to some. Anyway, I guess I could also say I just get along with people in general, no matter if you're an old friend or a brand new one. Perhaps I just adapt well to others so that I can make them more comfortable, who knows (could be why I'm a Psych major, ha)! I'm not all that shy either. If I'm asked questions, I don't hesitate in giving the answers, even if the questions are personal. So, feel free to e-mail me about whatever, or to ask questions, I'll be sure to answer them as soon as I can.

Icon credit goes to KrazyKate2.

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