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I'm a true-blooded Filipino. I was born on the island of Cebu City, in the archipelago of the Philippines -- hehe.. ;)

I know I can be quite sarcastic sometimes and can be quite shy, too. But if you must know, I'm just letting my mind off to lalaland and to my dreamland if sometimes the atmosphere around me gets too quiet and well, eerie!

I love writing poems, that is when I'm in the mood. hehe! Music, arts and designs, life experiences, and other people are just a few of what I need to set the mood for me to write poems - I don't know if they're good or not (it's your say readers and fellow authors), all I know is that my poems are valuable to me - whether they're good or not and this I know that the poems I've written came from my heart (but obkors, the words came from my head) hehe!

About Me:

a good person, albeit can be so damn confusing - i guess that's a good enough description about me? hehe

dey say i'm a nice & kind, little buggy, but i'd say that's only half of what and who i truly am. i have my own flaws and i've made so many mistakes in the past few years to the extent that i spent a year and a half sulking in papers writing about pointless poetry.


in the 10 years that i've been here in this planet (not to mention the oder 5 years that i spent in uranus), i've discovered many things about myself (yeah, thanks to that personality test i found on the web). even though i had trouble understanding it myself but at least it gave me a peek of something i didn't know i've had. hehe.

okay, enough about that personality test, i've got my own opinion about me, too.

i'd say i'm stubborn and can sometimes be an airhead and careless,
i'd also say that i can be as crazy and more often than not, insanity gets the better of me.. ;),

i know i'm hopeless wen it comes to promises
as hopeless as i can be in the kitchen and housechores (cooking isn't just my forte. hehe.);
and i know i'm more than hopeless when it comes to romance and the like,

and still...
I really just am hopeless...

Some Quotes:

I look at you and everything seems to fall to their places; every bit of confusion is erased and every ounce of fear vanishes. How can I say that it is not love that I feel for you?

Your eyes are my refuge; every time I stare at it, our worlds seem to intertwine and our destinies, inseparable.

The sound of music is nothing like the silhouette of your figure standing in front of me. I’m being dragged from life to eternity.

You don't know just how much I do... But I hope you realise it's true... Nothing can be greater than the love I have for you...

Shed a tear once for one drop from your soul will free it

For to love and be loved are the greatest joy in this world.

For once in my life, I always thought that being perfect was the way to be until you came and then I knew that I don’t have to be anybody just to be loved; you thought me how to be me.

That's probably about what I wanted to write. hehe! I can't think of anything more to say.

Your reviews are pretty much appreciated! If you'll review me, I'll give you a review, too:)

Thank you!


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Anon D

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