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June 8, 2009--

...I understand there may be some frustration with me.

I was sent away, plain and simple. So now I'm back, but I will be using a different account. That account is called "The Hallowed". I will not be moving my stories except for Falling Fast, which I will continue to work on as the days go by. This account is going to be suspended for a little while and then probably deleted. I will continue to write on

You're probably wondering, "Who hacked this account?" or "Who is this bitch telling me that the other stories are going to be deleted?" Perhaps even, "I can't fucking believe you! Why are you such a piece of shit?!"

Do not be alarmed, things will be fine. If you don't believe me you can do whatever you like, but I will continue to write.

Love, Shisky/The Hallowed

March 12, 2008--

Shishky is BACK in full fucking force.

I will be completely many stories in the next few months. Readers of Falling Fast; you're in luck, because that is the story I will be primarily working on.

Thank you for being soooooo patient!



10/27 (One month later)

I'm SO sorry for not updating. I've come down with a serious case of writer's block but will be updated 2 times for Halloween. So don't worry, by Halloween there will be 2 new chapters. Remember to review, or I won't know what I'm doing wrong (or preferably right). N-JOY! ~Shishky


Even more chapters for Falling Fast will be up today. =D Read, enjoy, and REVIEW so that I know whatcha think! Critique is loved, but bashing my work is NOT. Love, ~Shishky


New chapter for Falling Fast! Readddddddd and Review! Another one will be coming soon...I'm working on it right now.


New chapter for You Lose out! Read and Review!!


There will be ANOTHER revision on where the Part 1 and Part 2 come in.


PS: Sorry for all these changes!



Letter to all readers of You Lose:

I made a mistake in the writing of this story. In the very first chapter, in the italics, there will be a change made to the story:

Originally, Mark was on his way to work to pick Ash up.

Now, he was coming home from work to pick Ash up from their house.

Sorry about this! I hope you guys understand, we all make mistakes. = (

Sincerest apologies,



I'm Shisky.

No, it's not my name. If you get to know me, you get to know my name. I just don't give it out like candy.


I consider myself a writer, a horseback rider, a poet, a lyricist, a girl, a human, a mammal, etc. I consider myself who I am. But that's not what you're here for, is it?

This is the page where...

you can get my email and send me direct feedback (which I love, by the way)

you can get links to my stories (below) ;


you can get to know a bit about me.

One thing to know is that I absolutely adore music. It's my life. Naturally, I can't play any instrument besides piano for sht, but I'm pretty good at piano. I like heavy metal, black metal, metalcore, some death metal (such as As Blood Runs Black), a bit of punk rock, some hard rock, but mostly just metal. But don't get the impression I'm some hardcore metalhead chick. Because I swear that I'm not.

Writing, however, is one of the only things I can boast to do well. I love it like I love no other.