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Hiya! My penname is Jerseygirl. You guys can call me Jersey or JG for short, whatever I don't care. I would tell you my real name but unforntuetly I got to keep my identity private since I'm a private eye working for James Bond :P Ha ha. Just kidding. I would tell you my real name, really, but I can't. Sorry. But I can tell you that Im a eighteen year old girl/woman/whatever female title that's in the dictionary who live in the United States (Dont you even dare ask what state I live in. Isn't the Pen Name obvious?) Anyway, I go to high school (CLASS OF 2003 is the BEST!) My intrest or stuff-that-I-like-to-do-and-not-annoyed-by-it is: Reading: Mostly Harry Potter Books I've read one to four and I'm still waiting for year five to come up :) Seventeen ( yes I ACTAULLY read Seventeen belive it or not.) I read fanficts too. Mostly Swat Kats, Video games, a few Hey Arnold stories, and a few Anime fics. Writing: not by force but I did do a pretty good essay in my American History class about totalitarism. It's funny, I started writing fanficts about two or four years ago. My very first one which was written and not completed was a Hey Arnold story. Drawing: I'm pretty good in the arts belive it or not and I wish I can show some of my peices to you guys. But I am weary about posting my stuff on the internet. I'm suppose to draw life drawing stuff. But I have no ideas at the moment. Watching TV ( Who doesn't?) ...and stuff mostly just do little things around the house. Like watering my two green plants ^^; I am somewhat the lazy type as you see, it takes me a long time to write a second chapter. Why? Who knows? Stuck? sometimes. Lazy? Part of it. Thinking of ideas? Sometimes it's the main reason. On hold? Maybe? But don't fear I am trying to break that habbit. *WANTED*WANTED*WANTED*WANTED*WANTED* Speaking of being on hold, I'm looking for someone who's a beta reader OR enjoys beta reading and whould like to look at either two of the fics. I want someone to beta read: Hey Arnold: The Other Part of Me Rated G (Rating may change to PG) SUMMARY: Gerald is a 9 year old boy who's the middle child of the Johnanson housold. Well was, when a girl named Sophie who was left alone on the city streets came into his home and bring home a family secret named Nicky, the blacksheep in the family. But how is she envolved with Gerald and Sophie? Whould this bring Gerald's family closer togeather or would the skeletons in the closet will break apart the family's aready thinning bond? OR you can B/R ( Only for sentence structure and grammar) this action fic from the Swat Kats section named: WERECAT! Rated PG (part of a ongoing series. Not required to read past stories.) Summary: Cats in the big kitty city are screaming in fear since the city is infested with a werecat and our hero's, The Swat Kats are out hunting. But this isn't going to be another hunt if it's in MKC! Action, Adventure, Comedy, horror, all the genera's that creats a Fic and including Love is in this crazy adventure. That has crazy charaters and lots of action. So if you want to help me Beta read, give me inspiration, or even help out my grammar a little bit.( I'm looking for only one Beta reader for each fic). You wont get paid money :) just only credit. Probably even a little cameo somewhere in one of the posted stories. If I can fit it in :) *WANTED*WANTED*WANTED*WANTED* Anyway, in my Fanfiction career im gonna write ( or type if you prefer): Swat Kats Fics (they're doing ok :) My most recent one is a fic named " WERECAT!" It's doing nicely...if you count two reviews good...Please review it ^^; My Jet Grind Radio Fic...uhh... ( I still didnt finish Daddy's Little Girl ( Whenever) or Daddy's Little Girl ( If Ever) ^^; I know it's pathetic, it's about to be, what? Two years?! And I still didnt finish it. But I'll finish it...someday. However, I promise myself that when I ever finish the last chapter, and I have 70% of it done, I will fix all the grammar and mechanical mistakes to the best of my ability on all the chapters. ( Since DLG was my first fic it has a LOT of errors.) I mean, the people who read the fic waited for a year, or two, to finish. I'll just suck if I just put up a chapter and thats that. Story's over. I like to please the fan out there :) I have a Hey Arnold fic called, " The Other Part of Me". SEE WANTED AD. Have six reviews, all of them say it's original from the others. Only thing though I have to do is to do better on my grammar. Someone recomended me a beta tester but I'm somewhat afraid of them stealing my fic and claiming it's theirs. I *may* change the raiting though from G to PG on account of some ideas I have in the fuiture, or maybe not. In the beginning I wanted to do a Sailor Moon fic or a Gundam Wing Fic. Now a year has past and I think I have the ability to write one, but I have to be *really* in the mood to write an Anime fic. I want to, but it wouldnt be like the SK series or the HA! story I'm writing on. I'll be short, simple, and sweet. Its kind of a hesitation to me because I'm so use to writing cartoon fics, and I like cartoons so it's natural. I belive with cartoon fics you can get away with everything since cartoons are not suppose to feel like real people. Ok I know SK and HA! are suppose to be like real people. But you can break some rules unlike the real world. With anime it has to have a certain quality to it. I cant explain it, it has to be like the show in order for the reader to like it. And with anime fics the 'rules of the cartoon lifestyle' i.e: Getting hit by a bat and recover quickly or unexplained good luck cant happen. It has to feel like real life or close to it. But just to let you know I am writing a Coyboy Bebbop fic, and the second chapter is done! So go and read it! Oh, sorry to say for any of the Rugrat fans but Tommy VS Mark the Horrible will be on a short hiatus due to creativity limitations and conflict. ( You can blame college applications and school work for that :P ) Oh, and Im gonna write other fics too and a few poems! I also made a promise to myself to make good, original, and interesting fics for you people to read! In other words: I Try Not To Write Crappy Fics. Oh and R&R ALL MY WORK SO I CAN GET BETTER! C'ya on ! From The Original Girl With The Original Name Jerseygirl :) P.S.: With a large bio like this I should get myself a web page or site ^^;
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