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Name (s) are as follows: Stephanie, Steph, Steffy (by my grandma), Megami Chan, Meg (shortened version), Luthien Celebrindal (My elfin name). I am also called 'Beautiful' (as a name) , 'Dear' 'My dear Steph', and 'Dearest one' all by the same awesome person, who has a penchant for pet names. I've also been called "Gamer" and "Vampire"...

I'm single, and, for the most part, happy to remain so.

I truly enjoy hanging out with my friends. Nothing is better than a good movie night, or just having a good time. I love them so much that I would give my life in the place of ANY one of theirs. It breaks my heart when I am forced to stop spending time with them, or communicating with them because they make me feel happy just being around them, even when some of them are being total jerks. I can never stay mad at any of them unless I try hard.

I greatly dislike Netspeak. I will talk to you if you use keyboard shortcuts but I prefer NOT to.

I enjoy playing the piano and learning new songs, but I don't really like for other people to hear me practice, so I don't play it very often. I also want to learn to play the Sax one of these days.

I love to go on long walks in the rain. I also like hanging at the cemetary after dark with my friends and watching the stars, but I hate it when slugs crawl on me sobs I hate most bugs, 'cept for the pretty ones. no, I'm not a goth or emo, and cloud watching appeals to me almost as much, when we are in a quite, cool area, and not noisy and busy like the park.

I love geeks! They're so cute! Bad boys aren't really my type, even if they can be... aesthetically pleasing. I like tall dark and handsome, but I prefer Mr. handsome to be a good guy.

I myself am a rather romantic dreamer, but extremely mushy, sappy, cliche, and/or simpering stuff makes me gag and/or cry, depending on my current mood.

I love the great outdoors! I love camping, hiking, tubing, canoeing, etc, although rollerblading will always be the #1 outdoor activity.

I LOVE the smell of new books! Whenever I walk into a Borders bookstore, I always have to take a deep breath and take in the sights and smells of the rows and rows of books.

My favorite colors are deep redish purple and a deep dusty blue, but I wear alot of bright colors. bright colors are good.

My pet peeve is stupid people, or people who pretend that they're stupid. Ignorance annoys me to no end.

I love Star Wars... Even for all it's flaws, I adore it!

my favorite authors are as follows: Alexandre Dumas (I literally fell in love with 'The Count of Monte Cristo"), Shakespeare, Edgar allen Poe, Brahm Stoker (for 'Dracula', obviously), John Grisham, Zane Gray, Bodie Theone, Janette Oake, Gilber Morris, and many, many, many others.

I also enjoy reading manga and watching anime, but I have to be careful as to the subject matter I choose... some of it can be pretty iffy, as with all things

My story titled "Through the Gates" is loosly based on a game titled "The Elder Scrolls IV; Oblivion.
I didn't think that it adhered to the plot enough to be considered fanfiction, but if you read and think otherwise, please let me know. It hasn't much to do with the title so far, but it may as it progresses, or I might change it completely. So far I've only completed chapter one, and I may or may not write more, depending on feedback.

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