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Welcome To The Breakfast Underground!

Notice: Unfortunately, it seems like the inactivity of the group in recent months has reduced us to mere cyberspace on fictionpress. I apologize for anyone and everyone who has sent an email to breakfast.underground within the past few months inquiring about membership to BUG, but without the support and activity of the other members and moderators... Well, we're a bit more than "half-dead." Sorry about this! ~sketchingaCYNiC, 1/15/2007

Who We Are:
A collection of mature (yeahhhhh), developed writers who slink around the shadows of FP’s underbelly, unnoticed and overlooked by the teeming masses of adolescent youth. We vary in age, origin, genre, and influence but there’s one thing we all have in common. We are passionate about our craft, and we take it seriously. We aren’t here to beg for reviews -- we just think it should be easier to find something worth your time to read.

What We Write:
Uniquely fresh perspectives. Stories that don’t spit the same old drivel back at you over and over again. You won’t find the same overdone cliches recycled here. What you will find are high quality works that have been for the most part overlooked but deserve better treatment. Works that are well written, well developed, and will keep you reading long after you know you should be in bed because the alarm clock intends to go off shortly...

How It Works:
Below are the list of authors that are "Breakfast Clubbers"...members of the underground. Each name links to their profile. A short description of their writing and genre classification(s) follow. You can also find links to each profile and one of their "best works" on the favorites lists for easy reference.

Want To Join?:
Obviously membership isn’t required to read and review/support these authors and their works. There are criteria for potential members, which will be approved by the mods:

1) We ask that you be 17 years of age. Exception to the Rule: Individuals underage who meet the standards of Rule 2.

2) Your writing doesn’t have to be anywhere near perfect, but it does have to reflect the depth and development of a mature person. Read: Substance.

3) This is not a demented version of "Dead Poets Society", so have at least one solid work of fiction (not poetry!) on your FP profile. This means in the neighborhood of at least 50k words in length -- NanoWrimo Hell gets you to do that, right?

Exception to the Rule: If you're a vignette writer, we won't disregard you offhand. Refer to Rule 2.

4) If you do have "cliche" stories posted to your account, hopefully they're older than the work you feel recommends you. We don't care how popular they are, etc. That's not what we're interested in.We're not ModNazi's but we're also not mainstream -- just "Underground". (There, Rox, that make ya happy? lol)

If interested, send an email to the B.U.G.’s address above, with a link to your FP profile and the name of your work that you feel best recommends you to the group. Also, please tell us under which genres you write in. Please note that our response time may range from a few days to a few weeks, depending on member activity.


This summer we held two contests: a story written only in dialogue and a story written in a genre that the author doesn't usually use. The entries have now been posted here anonymously, and are also archived in the Breakfast Underground C2. Take a peek, and then head over to our LJ page to vote for your favourite in the shiny poll!

We only received one entry for the genre contest, It Meant Nothing, which thus wins by default. However, there are 7 dialogue entries and we need a winner - vote here.

Winners get, um, kudos and bragging rights and are generally cool people. Yeah...

The Members:

# Abigail Radle~ genre: sci-fi & fantasy, mixed with action & romance. WIP: Dancing In Circles. Summary: The First Volume of The Dance Master. Jessamine embarks on her training to be a Rider - in the company of a distracted bodyguard, a sapient horse with a very unique sense of humor, and a mental link with a man she's yet to meet. And then things get complicated. Complete -- being reposted in revised/edited chunks.

# Acquiescence~genre: fantasy, romance, drama. WIP: The Price of Falling. Summary: Eres, goddess of pain and sorrow, is banished to Earth to learn and experience the trials and tribulations of mankind in order to return home. But when Lucifer intervenes to retrieve what is rightfully his, the road to atonement is easier said than done.

Ad Hector~ genre: romance, angst. WIP: Sick With Lack of Basis. Summary: M/M Slash A mellow love story about two guys, Carl and Matt, amidst promiscuity, drug use, rabid inner conflicts, and some poetry here and there.

Agathy~ genre: suspense, drama, thriller. WIP: Green Grass and Epilepsy. Summary: #1: If people do the right things for the wrong reasons, are they hypocrites or humanitarians? #2: If the boy never meets the girl, is there any possibility of a romance? In the case of Terrence Atanazy's stalker, the answers couldn't be clearer.

# Alankria~ genre: action, adventure, sci-fi. WIP: Painted Angels. Summary: War looms in the Bek Star-belt and a secret weapon could provide the enemy with a decisive victory. Jaded young 'lancer Trifmara and freedom fighter Fox must unravel the truth before it's too late.

Alaskan Airlines~ genre: romance, angst, & poetry. WIP: Cadence. Summary: This is honesty. This is reality. This is true. This is Amay's battle, she lives it every day and it's never clear if she's won or lost, but the point is, she lives even if she's unsure if she wants to, and that's all anyone can ask for.

Awkward Sylencegenre: thriller, drama, & humor WIP: Ink & Gold. Summary: When a shady man gave him sanctuary for service, Lex thought he’d seen the last of his troubles—but after learning about an ancient, ensanguined Vendetta between two hostile rivals, he soon realized that his troubles had just begun.

bulletproof.cupid~ genre: romance, adventure, humor. WIP: Tain's Revenge. Summary: She planned on throwing the gem. She planned on disguising herself as a boy. She planned on stealing her whole life. Hell, she never planned on getting kidnapped by pirates.

Calybe~ genre: anything from romance to horror! WIP: Friends, Forests and Funerals. Summary: After a traumatic experience, Samantha seeks refuge in a forest. Problem is, the forest isn't exactly safe, and it's not fond of humans either.

Deena~ genre: romance & humor. WIP: Hiring a Hooligan. Summary: Determined to put the fear of God into the racist homophobe who messed up her best friend, mild-mannered Jane Hazelton resorts to hiring a thug to do the job. Trouble is, said thug isn’t interested in money, he’s interest in her.

Eire Rain~ genre: romance, drama & angst. WIP: Sons and Daughters. Summary: She thought she was crazy. He thought she could save him. It wasn't meant to be perfect, but it wasn't supposed to be like this.

faerie-gumdrops~ genre: young adult, fantasy. WIP: The Obsession with Jack. Summary: Hello. My name is Rosie. I'm a boring, dead inside emotional wreck, living in a boring village filled with lunatics. The only colourful things in my life are the boy I don't know and the soundtrack I stole.

Hate To Hope~ genre: romance & horror. Finished Work: Interrogame. Summary: He had created the game because he believed that love had to be won. . . nine pawns, two players, one winner.

Hot Kitty~ genre: horror, romance, angst. WIP: Catharsis. Summary: (ficathon challenge) Burn, drown, scream it out to the horizon but come out of it alive so that i can laugh at your scars.

Kalmia Raphael~ genre: yaoi/slash romance, supernatural, humor. WIP: Muse. Summary: Asahel is an enigma with something to hide. Nadir is the lover he needlessly betrayed. Now that he's being hunted by an underground organization intent on his destruction, who'll save him? Are old bonds too old to rely on?

# King Patch~ genre: romance, humor. WIP: Luka & Shoe. Summary: Falling in love with your best friend is simply not done–that’s the oldest rule in the book. But what if the tables are turned?

# Lainiee~ genre: romance & humor. WIP: So I Was Hit By a Car the Other Day. Summary: Guy's POV. Lucky has resigned himself to the life of an observer. The little brother. The best friend. The sidekick. But then life decides to kick him in the balls, and dumped his twitching body into his own crappy soap opera.

lie me a lullaby~ genre: romance, drama, humor. WIP: Suddenly Slowly.Summary: She's a regular girl. He's more than 'that guy in that band'. She couldn’t see past his drinking and womanizing. He couldn’t get over her naiveté. She used reason to justify her hate. He used other girls to distract him.Too bad--turns out he's just her type.

Lord Iron-Balls~ genre: drama, romance WIP: Beating the Game. Summary: Patrick Morrison is a smart, cynical high school senior utterly uninterested in the social cesspit surrounding him. Uninterested, that is, until the most popular girl in school asks him to help her get revenge on her cheating boyfriend. T for now.

Midnight Owl~ genre: supsense, romance. WIP:Girls Like You.Summary: Things like this don't happen to girls like you. Part One of Four.

Penning Fantasy~ genre: crime/mystery, with romance, action and thriller thrown in to really spice things up. Finished Work: Scarab. Summary: Ryder Rodell is a star. When her cousin dies from a mystery illness, she isn't convinced it was as natural as it seems. So, she takes a break from her music career to find the truth, and maybe the man to convince her love is real.

Really~ genre: angst. Finished Work: Dear John. Summary: A letter.

Shampoo Suicide~ genre: young adult drama & humor vignettes. Finished Work: You're Too Wonderful To Die.Summary: "I’ve recently become aware of the fact that I no longer hate the number nine."

# sketchingaCYNiC~ genre: young adult, angst, tragedy. Finished Work: Strength: A Short Story. Summary: Sticks and stones may break her bones, but words could make her starve herself to death.

Skywriter-x~ genre: realism & romance. WIP: Lovelorn. Summary: A selection of short stories on the one subject we can all relate to: love.

the Rejection~ genre: fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural. WIP: Once in a Blue Moon. Summary: His brother's wedding is just the beginning of Connor's worries. Pretty soon his relatives are missing he's moved in with a boy he just met. Then he receives three tapes from his dead parents, and life gets a bit more complicated - and supernatural.

# group mods.

All links should be functional. The story name should appear when you hover over the link, and the story and/or author profile should open in a new window when you left-click on it. ~Happy reading!

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