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I'm so happy my baby falls under a category!

Erk. My baby's one year old!! I REALLY need to fix it up and I haven't returned any reviews for the LONGEST time, I'm so sorry everyone. So here's my plan:
a. Post another work on this site. Something fun...
b. Edit fpaffair
c. RETURN REVIEWS...and generally become active again. OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE

--Just finished another revision...and am (still) wondering what i should post next. Probably something about arranged marriages or something. TFPA is for anyone who likes a little drama and a little humor.

young but really old.
writing.maturity: story-wise I love plots, but I'm pretty wary of my characters. I like to think that I'm a pretty good editor, however I feel that I haven't yet fully displayed my potential as reviewer on fp.

The FictionPress Affair
almost.a.summary: A story about a girl. A story about her past. And a story about her addiction to fp. -- the fictionpress affair
posted.and.hosted: 24/24 really short chapters
rating.and.reason: T for swearing

1) Um. I try my hardest to return reviews. Try means that...the longest i'll take is like a month...(or a year! I'm getting around to it!!)
2) Do your worst. I bet that anything you come up with has already crossed my mind. Seriously, I like to think that I have a very healthy approach to writing so there's very little that bothers me. Even if you feel like you may have missed the point, that you're actually bringing something up that may just ruin my story, say so. I'd rather hear it now than later...

The Hall of Awesomeness

Thank you ever so much to anyone who has ever reviewed, critiqued or fav'ed my stuff. In the end, you make writing stories all the more fun.

Oh and if you're wondering, I'm not Rea.

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