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UPDATE: Hey, guys! Here is an update to let you know that I know have a new story called "Trips" and that I have recently updated "Once Upon a Time?". So go and read them and leave reviews!


Oooh, a profile. Fun! Well, here goes nothing...

My name's Rachael Skye. Or is it? I'm not young but I'm not old either; I happen to be at a great age, if you ask me. I'm a pretty average girl with a not so average life. I'm sure loads of people say that, but for me, it happens to be true.

Things I love: reading, writing, drawing, singing, my ipod, dancing, stargazing, my boyfriend, hanging out with friends and family, rainy days, swimming, roller-blading, Smallville,photography, frosting fights (preferably with purple frosting), movies (ah, what a wonderful passion), Superman, my teddy bear,music, not having chores,Charmed, anything to do with history, Arthurian Legend, sleeping in, staying up all night, watching the sun rise, hiking, and making endless lists that probably bore people.

Some of my favorite books are Harry Potter, Pendragon series, anything by Wendelin Van Draanan, anything by Meg Cabot (especially Avalon High (if you haven't read it, READ IT!)), anything by Tamora Pierce, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensability, any of those fairy tale novels, you know, like Snow, Golden, and Midnight Pearls, Ender's Game series and Ender's Shadow series, Uglies, Pretties (I need to read Specials), The Secret Journal of Brett Colton (I cry every single time I read this), The Dating Deal, Journey to the River Sea, The Thief Lord, Inkheart, all of Shannon Hale's books, the Blue is for Nightmares series, um...ah, if I think of anymore, I'll put them up...

Favorite Anime/Manga: Rurouni Kenshin, Hana-Kimi, From Far Away, Fushigi Yugi, Dramacon, Whistle, Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, Howl's Moving Castle, Absolute Boyfriend, my brain is completely failing me..., um...grrr...stupid mind...I'll get back to this one.

Music I love: Josh Groban, Snow Patrol, 3 Doors Down, The All-American Rejects, Aly & AJ, Bowling for Soup, Cascada, Eagle Eye Cherry, Stained, Enya, Evanescense, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Hayley Westenra, Hoobastank, Jack Johnson, Kelly Clarkson, Lifehouse, Maroon 5, Michelle Branch, The Used, The Cick Five, Amberlin, Nickelback, The Postal Service, Remy Zero, Simple Plan, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, and movie soundtracks like Harry Potter, Corpse Bride, Braveheart, and musical soundtracks like Beauty and the Beast, Wicked, and Les Miserables.

Sorry, I probably bored you. Um...I'll work on that. : p Well, please read and review my story. I will adore you for it.


Review Replies:

Hey guys! I decided that it would be way easier to reply to you all in my profile and not in every chapter. So...Thanks everyone for reviewing. I do enjoy reading all of your reviews. I don't have much time, so I can only reply to one person right now...cause this is going to take a minute.

Annoying Possibility:

Honestly, I dread replying to you in case you consider this unprofessional. But alas, these things need to be said.

I understand constructive criticism. Really, I do. I usually take it to heart and apply it to whatever it is that I am doing. But what you obviously thought was constructive criticism was really you sounding like you simply had to disprove everything I write, as if it brings joy to your life in proving other people wrong.

First of all, this story is being written for my pure enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. This story is never getting published other than on the nets. No, I am not a professional writer for a living. Rather, I am an adolescent writing because I want to. This story is simply something that I thought up and I wrote down. I never claimed to be professional. That little tidbit you wrote about chapter nine? Yeah, do you know how many professional, published authors write things like that? Dozens. Maybe you should broaden your reading and you might discover it. Not only is it a writing technique, it's also an acting technique to talk directly to the audience. Ever heard of Shakespeare? Well, you see, some people call him a genius. Mmhmm, it was his technique I was using.

Second, what do you have against my characters? They're only human. I write them as I see people act. Taima is not Mary Sue. She despises the way royalty use thair royalty as an excuse. She thinks that nobles and royalty should earn their position because that's what her grandparents taught her. Have you ever seen Ever After? It's slightly like that, but instead of my main character being a peasant, she's nobility. She doesn't trash fairy tales. She reads them and loves them. Where did you get trashing? When Taima talks about Kale being handsome, it's because at first she loathed him. Humans are strange creatures. We want the people we dislike to be gruesome and ugly, just like every evil stepmother or evil wizard. That's life. As she gets to know Kale, it doesn't matter as much to her. Again, I am using real human instincts and feelings so that people can relate to my characters. And did I ever say Taima was beautiful? No. She's got annoying red hair, freckles, and a crooked nose. At best, she's cute. Don't presume she's stunning, because honestly, she's not. Taima also has personality flaws. She's stubborn and hates admitting when she's wrong.

What do you have against Thomas? He never did anything to you! He says he likes Taima. Have you ever considered that this is a fictional story and if I spread it out too long, it would quickly get dull? I said a week because he was beginning to like her, like a crush, an infatuation. No, he is not a stalker. He is getting to know a girl he really likes. What, is that a sin?

Now, about the whole "Bachelorette" thing. Think about it. Whoever the prince is, he's still a prince. The only reason the king chose all noble young women is because in times like I wrote my story in, the crown prince marrying a peasant? Yeah, it just doesn't happen. And the whole, "Taima's a slut" thing. What the hell? Taima never kissed Kale and he never kissed anything except her hand. What, is she going to get pregnant from a kiss to the hand? Yes, she kissed Thomas, but how does kissing one boy, and not even French kissing, might I add, make a girl a slut? Honestly, I think you might need to go look that word up. Try www. dictionary .com without the spaces. It will work wonders. So, you said "If you are going to kiss, then pick one guy." Well, there you have it. Taima has kissed a grand total of -gasp- one guy!

I don't know if you are ever going to read this, whoever you are, but I hope you do. By the way, if you honestly do like my story, why must you play know-it-all? Isn't that a little hypocritical of you? You go about calling my characters Mary Sue and yet you must pretend you are some professional book critic and tear apart my story. Next time, I hope you think twice about what you say to another person. You can't know everything and you certainly don't know everything about my story.


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