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Age: 16

Sex: As frequent as possible! Er, ...Male

Resides: Chicago, Illinois USA

Nationality: Asian(100 percent Chinese)

Likes: hanging out, playing anything besides horror games, girls(duh, I am a guy!)

Dislikes: homework, getting into fights, anything to do with horror, morons, dumbasses and jackasses alike

Temper trigger: Irritation

Favorite quotes:

Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who can't teach teach physical education. those who can't teach physical education teach high school science. - me

Genius is so unappreciated in its time - me

There is no cure for stupidity - me

That movie has twisted my fragile little mind - Cartman.

Don't annoy me or i'll skewer u with your own bones - me

This is too troublesome - Shikamaru

Let's blitz! - Tidus

Most frequent words muttered under breath: Hippies, Futile effort, what r u, 2? You don't deserve to live. Irritating.

Most frequent insults: Shut up! Fatass! Up yours! Fuck off! I'll kill you! Annoy me, and u will die.

Favorite movie: The Matrix(Pt. 1 of course)

Favorite Anime: FullMetal Alchemist, Naruto, Sailor Moon, Onegai Teacher, Bleach

Favorite Mangas: Lilim Kiss, Love Hina, Pastel, Girl Saurus,Onegai Teacher

Most hated movie: Requiem for a Dream (its so messed up i don't even wanna think about it)

Most Despised people on the planet: my dad, the Dude upstairs

Games owned in collection: Unknown(because i hav 2 much!)

Favorite sitcom: Uh...

Description:Soul of a warrior. Mercy of the heart. Mind of a psychic. That is both my blessing and my curse. Writing is the only way these three elements blend together to create a story such as Maelstrom. My conciousness blanks out as i write and i infuse myself into the story.

Hello, everyone. I'm a 17 year old guy that lives near Sox Park and i love to play RPGs and mod stuff, and i've modded everything i have right now. Woohoo!

I am a game freak. I have played all the rpgs I have been able to buy. Also, i play anything besides horror/survival games and had beaten call of duty: big red one in a matter of 2 days.

As for my love life, i have not had a chance yet _ I know, it's sad, but oh, well

As for my favorite game series of all time, i'd have to say Final Fantasy.

As for people that tick me off, I tend to go ballistic.

I am in high school right now and I finished sophomore year! I tend to be cheerful outside of school but am vicious and cruel in school. Don't ask me why, it's because I go to a private school and I never, ever wanted to.

Maelstrom is my first story, so any criticism would be appreciated, but i will not tolerate flaming. The story will probably expand to a trilogy, maybe more, I'm not sure right now.

Here's what happened so far: Jax or the Ultima Solen, found out his powers and takes on the role of saving the Sol, now all he has to do is learn where his abilities stand. After grabbing a grasp on water, the time for learniing Fire began. Now, after an impromptu duel from the most powerful fire student, he has to fight him again in two days. A prize for a victory, a good week worth of alone time with his now girlfriend Alna, or a week at the infirmary, with her. He fights the challenger and discovers him to be one of the Mor, a faction bent on global chaos. he defeats the challenger but sustains massive injuries, causing him to faint.

I recently founded a crew with windgirl and darket and its called Revolution-Zero! check out our stuff! Also, the above summary takes u to about chapter 7, so it's a bit outdated, but I havn't gotten around to changing it. UPDATE: MAelstrom has been dropped in favor for its revision.

If you have questions about Maelstrom, feel free to e-mail me at I will try to get back to u as soon asI can, as I have many things to do.

Current Projects

Maelstrom - pt 1 of Jax's journey. DROPPED

A Day in the Life of Mr. Pringles?

When the Lily Comes?

Maelstrom: The New Order

Upcoming Projects

Maelstrom: Operation Internecio- pt 2 of Jax's journey.Takes place right after Maelstrom. (Due sometime in August/September)

Maelstrom: Edge of Oblivion- pt 3 of Jax's journey Takes place 3 months after pt 2. (Due 2 weeks after pt 2)

A Day in the Life of Mr. Pringles - humor 1-shot about teh man whose face is on Pringles tubes everywhere. (i dont kno when it'll be written)

Maelstrom Gaiden: Warrior Training- miniseries about the training Jax and Khal receieved. Will probably span 10-20 chapters.(Due after pt 3 is done probably)

Maelstrom sequel?- work in progress. If completed, it will be a trilogy. Will take place a year after pt 3. (Due sometime next year if i want to keep Jax's story going)

When The Lily Comes- romance/comedy/supernatural manga about a succubus and a human boy falling in love.(due whenever i feel like it. work in progress)

Note: I only review those who review my stories, or if i feel like being generous. However, if your story lacks content, I will be like Simon Cowell and pick out all your bad stuff.

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