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My pen name means 'Sea of Stars' in German if anyone was wondering. Probably not, but I thought I'd tell you anyway. I just turned sixteen. I'm in a really remote location in Atlantic Canada. I have a friend from school on the site who goes by Lucius M, so feel free to check out his non-existant stories. We have lobster. Yeah, go us.

As I am a Canadian, you'll find Canadian spelling... like colour. I'm terribly sorry if I mix some French, or German in. I'll probably catch it on the edit though.


Honestly though...

I enjoy writing, reading, video games, driving, and tons of those general things... y'know? Like running after shiny things. I go to high school. I'm the paranoid one with the shifty blue eyes who surrounds herself with people who have basically given up on asking me what I'm doing. They love me though, don't worry. They just don't agree on a lot of things I do.

What else is there really to know about me? Oh, I like pirates, I'm obsessive, I honestly say honestly too much, and Christopher Moore is my hero.

What's Going On

BRAAAINS - Title pending, although I do like the title. I'll probably name a chapter BRAAAINS... you wait and see! It'll be in third person, and will be rated mature. There will probably be more cursing than BR, more blood shed, more drugs, and more randomness. I'm having a character based off me, and some of my friends. I have permission from one already, and she's going to fit in perfectly. What is it about, you ask? Zombies, and drugs. Okay, more so zombies with some drugs at the start and cigarettes throughout. It will be up a while after BR is completed. I want to get three to five chapters done to make sure this is what I want.

Progress: Well, I have most of the characters done. The six friends, the neighbours, and all the kids who will have names during the first chapter which is as school. Next I'm doing rough outline of the whole thing. Oh, and I have a new name! Dead Dance, or Dead Waltz... Dead Dance came from a song my brother is writing, but I like the word 'Waltz' better. Still don't know what I'm going to name it.

Bleak Rebellion - Complete - My first honest attempt to make a complete novel. I know some of it needs editing, but I don't think it's very urgent. I believe that a year from now I'd be able to edit this much better-- if I felt like it. It's finished now, and I feel proud of myself. The story contains a little bit of romance, but not too much for anyone to complain too hard about it. There's the occasional curse word but I edit some of them out. The rough copy contains much more cursing, honestly! It's rated teen so I won't be using too many. Okay, rambling. I'd enjoy reviews for it, and probably even return you one!

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