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Author has written 11 stories for Life, Love, Sci-Fi, Religion, Manga, Essay, and Fantasy.

I have no idea why you would be here i have not written in over a year and a half. However, if you find yourself here I'd like some help.

I need an artist. Someone who can draw in like a manga or anime style. It does not have to be any particular quality. however I'd at least like it to look something like what I'm going for. If you would be interested in working on some projects. email me. thanks.

Well I'm bored and I've decided to write out an Idea I've had for fun. It's Called X Versus Y. Basically I will take two Characters from any one of my stories and make them fight in a random setting... So yea... look out for that.

August 22, 2007

If life had a leg it'd be kicking me in the... Well anyway its time to go back to school. And I have added a total of three chapters to my story Angels... I officially suck. Im hoping that I can come back on strong when school starts but im pretty sure thats wishful thinking.

May you find refuge in the shadow of his wings...

My birthday is tomorrow. Yea! no more teens =_(


The Mumbling SageAqua VitaeChapter 2Chapter 3Knight of the UnicornChapter2Chapter3Chapter4Chapter5Chapter6Chapter7Chapter8Chapter9Chaptrer10Chapter11Chapter12Chapter13Chapter14Chapter15Spirit LakeChapter 2Chapter3Chapter4Chapter5Chapter6Chapter7

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Master ChiefCosmic Strife: Birth of Legends 1: Alpha Squadron23456789101112131416171819202122Cosmic Strife: Absence of Valor23456

Soichiro XCrooked Space Episode 1: The Midnight Special234567Crooked Space Episode 2: Voodoo Chile2345Crooked Space Episode 3: Come Together234567

Melt-DisneyWorldMetal Sense2345

Coffin GuardianMetal Guardian2345678

NemonusPlotseekers 134567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303131323334353637383940

Luicia and the voices

Treasured Laughter

July 18, 2007- As I look down at my writing I almost chuckle to myself. It really is sad to think that I havent done nearly as much writing or reviewing as I wanted... _( Oh well live and learn. Im on my way to buying a car so a lot of things have been pushed to the side. Taking a que from Mumbling Sage im going to respond to a few reivews here.

Mindshadow Productions: Thanks a bunch for your insightful reviews. It really is nice to know that a writer of your caliber is reading my work. Not that I dont appreciate reviews from Anon and weaker writers. Good job picking your way through the story. I like to keep the reader wondering so I wont spoil anything. But im glad to see that your probing my characters and looking behind the way that things appear.

Also You brought my review total over 70 :-) which makes me laugh because I remember when I could barely pull one review.

I think the Circle is working well.

The Mumbling Sage: Speaking of the time that I struggled. Its always good to get reviews from MS. Because I know you will be open and honest with me confronting the issues. Honestly Im just trying to get to the end Of Angels. Then I can go back and do a re-write. To clean up some things. Alas untill then Ill have to tolerate the lovingly harsh critique.

Words.F: I must say It feels nice to have a dedicated fanbase. Even if it consists of like two people. Snicker

the last mad-hatter: Funny stuff. I didnt know that two of my favorite readers had a brother. Cool.

Anyway Thats it... Oh I really really really want to move forward with Phantom. But its tough cause I want to keep Angels going... Oh well. Much love, later.

UPDATE!!- I'm back... well kind of. Summer Break has just begun. I plan to get into the groove with some of my stories. Namely, Phantom Pop and Where Angels. If I have time ill re edit the others and Write more for Abs O.

For all the Peple that I am Behind on reviews I plan to go on a reviewing spree. writers beware, It will be bloody and I will show no mercy.

Disclaimer- The writing in this profile is in no way a reflection of my actual works. So forgive whatever errors you find on this page... I just hate writing profiles. ~.~

OK, I have avoided writing this for the longest time. I suppose it's high time I at least write something.

As you can see I am an African American male. I'm 19 years old. I attend Morgan State University and am A devoted Christian. I love Science Fiction, Anime, Ninjas, Neil Gaiman's StarDust and that other book he wrote about going deep into some fantasy land underground (Which I now remember is called "Neverwhere"). He is the reason I began to love to read. Orson Scott Card is Ok... I read enders game it was pretty good. If anyone out there on the Internets can tell me some GREAT not just ok but GREAT, published Mech Stories I would be extremely happy. I can not find any. Oh Also I like Robert Jordan's The wheel of Time Great series but I kinda Quit after the 5th book.

I think im pretty friendly and original. The only reason I write stories is because I can't seem to find all the stuff that I want in the stories that I read. I am an action nut... so much so that I kinda skimp on my character development sometimes Im trying to get better tho.

Super Secret Project (thats not really a secret)-

Phantom Pop-hustle (In the skeleton stages, Space/ Action/ Bounty Hunting)-

Right now its really just a title and a concept. The initial character is Thorn. She is a Phantom. In this world Phantoms are bounty hunters. Its nothing weird like she literally is a phantom. thats just the name of her job. She owns a spaceship. and Will eventually meet and travel with a number of individuals. I suppose the concept is loosely based on Cowboy Bebop. But ill be adding my own crazy twits... cause my mind works like that.

Chapter 1- Phantom For Hire?

Thorn leaned against the chilly brick building as rain pelted her dull grey trench. Thin scrawls of black hair threaded their way through her vision. The scribbles clumped themselves together to form streaming highways of precipitation. She just wanted a nice drink…

The rain seemed to dance on the lamp lit sidewalk; each puddle strumming to its own rhythm. Tiny pools leaked into larger more majestic dance floors as the rain’s beautiful baseline twang kept the beat going strong.

Current Projects -

Where Angles Fear To Tread (Highly Active, Tactical Spy/ Action Oriented)-

To be honest I do not know if this title will stick but we will see... This is my baby, I love this story to death because I love the Main characters they are all based off of personalities of individuals that I know or have run across. It has pretty much everything that I want in a story with a Japanese flare that I am such a junkie for and who does'nt like Spies and secrets stealing and that type of stuff. so it's all good. Read it.

Soul in the Shell: Walking by Faith Redux (Postponed for editing, Space/ Mech Oriented)-

Well the title was going to be Ghost in the Shell but I figured that would be biting that anime to hard even though its generally the same theme. This was my first real story that I posted. I took it down and re edited everything so it should be alot smoother. It can be a bit preachy so I hope that doesn't turn anyone off too much. Its such a What if Scenario. I can explain it to you further if you have questions. But I do like the Idea of faith making things move its pretty sweet and kinda makes miracles look as flashy as magic.

-Edit- Please dont read this story and assume that my other works are of this quality. I recently read back over this story and Man... It needs heavy editing. Certain things I would never write in a story anymore. So for the time being this story serves as a reminder of how terrible I can write and how much I have improved.

Absolute Offense: It's Elementary (Pet Project, Action Oriented)-

Basically the plan for this story is for me to work on my action scenes. So the entire plot has not been thought out nor will it be. Ill just be writing things as I go along and layer on the action. The goal with this is to help me with my other stories action scenes and also description. I think it should be enjoyable tho.


Pay it Forward- General C2. The Concept is that any story in this C2 returns a review for a review. Its highly simple. We all want Good constructive critique. This promotes that.

Pay it Forward Scifi:Fantasy Version- The exact same concept as the one above. only this one is limited to Science fiction stories. Soooooo... Yea... Review my stuff. It will make me happy. I got you back yo.

So yup that's it from me Stay blessed,



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