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Previously I was known as 'winds-of-dragon'. But after a long, long time, I could not log in into that account due to some forgetfulness on my part. So, I've decided to create a new account and share all my stories with you guys. I hope you guys like them as much as my friends like them!

Stories currently doing:

Crimson Desires of The Forbidden:

Her protection is as deadly as her. Created without neither a soul nor a heart, she is the ultimately perfect specimen of a killing machine. With both blood of a demon and a vampire running through her veins, she feels no emotions which she calls them weaknesses. But, strange enough, she will kill anyone who dares lay a hand on her 'son'.

He saw his parents being killed right in front of him when he was a boy. He watched as an ancient evil that was released into the living world devoured his parents one after another. Feeling like he had nothing left, he decided to follow them after and watched the same evil came after him. That was when she appeared before him. She took him in her arms and escaped. Now, he is the master of the demon-vampire, Shadow Curse.

Cursed Wings of Hope - The Light's Hope of Darkness:

Since the destruction of Crystal Light, the seal that protects Twilight from the evil magick known as the Midnight Shadows, the people are now fearful of anything that seems strange and unusual to them. Especially of two siblings whom a small group of villagers found unconscious just when the seal was broken. Fearful that they were the spawns created by the Midnight Shadows, the villagers called upon the three Archangels of the Holy Illuminate.

Now, with the evil magick manipulating the animals and people of Twilight, the Holy Illuminate has no choice but to depend on the siblings who were bestowed with the same evil magick.

Light of Finelia - Shadowed Hearts:

For thousands of years, a holy war wages on between two immortal worlds; gods and demons. No one knows for sure what the catalyst was that erupted between these two worlds but Finelia, the land of peace, is now war-ravaged. Desperate to regain back the peace between the two worlds, the angels that stood watch over Finelia decide to seek help from Aurora Finelia, a being with the blood of an angel, demon and god, and her strange mixed community of demons and gods.

Since young, she is considered a heretic. With silver hair spun from the silver moon and deep silver-blue eyes that seemed to glow luminously, she is treated differently by the other gods and goddesses. In truth, she has the blood of the three different immortal worlds; the angels, the gods and the demons.

When she is banished from Heaven to the war-ravaged Finelia, her world changes and she no longer trusts anyone but herself. But despite her fierce hatred for the gods, she does helps those in need, be it demon or god. Due to her unusual kindness which no one can explain, those whom she heals and helps chooses to follow her.

So now, let me ask you. Which would you prefer to read about first? I'll post the first chapter of the story which most would prefer to read first!
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