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Heylo people!! I am 22 years old and I am always reading or listening to music, usually its both, so don't be surprised if I add in any songs to my fiction, ok? Most of my stories won't contain them, although they will probably be inspired by them. :)

If your wondering what I look like here you go...

http:///albums/f32/CatBlackJynx/Gallery20LIZ/PICT0161.jpg = good picture

http:///albums/f32/CatBlackJynx/Gallery20LIZ/PICT0131.jpg = bad picture but at least you can see my figure. See? I am not fat =)


1. Full Name: Amanda Jeanne Shewin (as in Sure-win hee hee I love my last name)

2. Nicknames: Kaily and Kitty (dun ask...)

3. Birthday: 5 days before Valentines Day!

4. Place Of Birth: Mississauga Ontario

5. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

6. Male Or Female: Female.

7. School: Over, thank god

8. Occupation: Sandwich Artiste

9. Residence: Living with my mom.

10. MSN Screen Name: Kitty

_Your Appearance_

12. Hair Colour: Multicoloured. yes naturally multicoloured. I have blonde strands, brown strands, red strands hell even black strands. When I was younger it was mostly blonde strands but lately the brown has been taking over D: brown strands are like weeds! They just keep coming T.T (god if im freaking out about my hair going brown imagine how I will be when it starts going grey. X_X)

13. Hair Length: long but used to be longer.

14. Eye Colour: Light blue with grey flecks.

15. Weight: 115

16. Height: 5'2

17. Braces?: Nope but need some (cant afford it)

18. Glasses?: No

19. Piercings: My ears that I want to close over so I dun have ugly holes but they WONT!

20. Tattoos: None

21. Righty Or Lefty: Ambidexterous.


22. First Best Friend: Sonia

23. First Award: Art award, best in my grade. not the first but it is the biggest!

24. First Sport: Soccer

25. First Pet: A dog =3

26. First Real Vacation: I dun remember. I was a baby?

27. First Concert: hasn't happened yet. Live music doesn't appeal to me.

28. First Love: Arthur


29. Movie: I dunno

30. TV Programme: I don't watch tv anymore

31. Colour: Yellow

32. Rapper: Hate rap

33. Band/Artist: too many

34. Song Right Now: Young by hollywood undead

35. Friends: I dunno o.o;

36. Sweet: Chocolate (duh)

37. Sport: Soccer

38. Restaurant: McDonalds!

39. Clothing Brand: I couldn't tell you.

41. School Subject: Math!!

42. Animal: Wolfs!

43. Book/Author: I read too much, cant choose D:

44. Magazine: None

45. Shoes: None


46. Feeling: Depressed

47. Single Or Taken: Taken

48. In love: yesh indeed

49. Eating: Nothing, which is bad I havent eaten today D:

50. Drinking: Peachpunch

51. Typing: Self pity in a story.

52. Online?: No, I'm offline. Retards...

53. Listening To: my amv

54. Thinking About: Making amv

55. Wanting To: Make amv

56. Watching: The computer screen?

57. Wearing: Jeans. FUZZY RED SOCKS


58. Want Kids?: Dun wanna give birth but I want to be a foster parent.

59. Want To Get Married?: NO! I hate the idea of it D:

60. Careers In Mind: Architecture.

61. Where Do You Want To Live: In a apartment. I dun care I dun wanna live in a big house i just want to design it xD

62. Car: HELL NO! have you SEEEENNN me drive? obv not since you are alive to read this.

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