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Alrighty... My name is Hope and I am a junior at Hill...

Description: 6 feet tall (all legs), Curly Red hair a little longer than shoulder length, Brown Eyes, Lightly tannish skin from my southern sun, slight southern accent, athletic build,

I love to: Read, Sing, Write, Draw, Dance (Ballet and Ballroom), Skateboard, Fish, Swim, Run Cross Country, Jump High Jump, Long Jump, and Triple Jump, Hang out with my three best buds (John, James, and Jack) three brothers I have known practically since birth, Sneak out at night and go dancing with James, Jerry, and Jack, Sleep, Play video games, Watch classic movies, Photograph everything, Listen to my Ipod, Italian food, Staying up late, Talking on the phone or IM...

I Like: Love, Kisses in the rain, Kisses in general, HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT, Peace Signs, Slow Dances, Trees in the Fall, The Sound of Leaves Crunching Under My Feet, The Colors Of Fall, Dancing to Hip Hop, Ballet, PLAYIN' THE BASS, Hippie Skirts, Paintballing, MUSIC, Bareback horse riding, Beaches, Horse riding on the beach, Ice cream, BOYS, Candlelight dinners, Dress-up dances, Mud on "My Tires", Working in my herbal garden, Staying up all night talking on the phone, Getting make-overs from my closest friends, Crying on a loving shoulder, Falling asleep in a guys lap, Whispering in my boyfriends ear "I Love You", A GOOD ROMANCE NOVEL, Italian food, Reading in my big comfy chair, CHOCOLATE, Dancing in the rain, Singing in the shower, Playing my guitar for my friends personal enjoyment, Sketching, Writing my own songs and stories, Skateboarding, Surfing and boogie boarding, Skating (on ice), Hanging out with my friends, CUDDLING WITH MY BOYFRIEND, Hot chocolate after a snowball fight, Silver rings, Lego sets, TICKLE FIGHTS, sleepovers, snow days,

I Dislike: Falling off my horse, Snobs, Posers, Broken Hearts, Death, People who sit around and do nothing when they can do everything, Bad grades, Getting sick, Fighting with my friends, Bad coffee, A broken string on my guitar, An over-played song, Incomplete jigsaw puzzles, Waking up in the middle of the night, Burnt popcorn, A knot in my hair, Tearful Goodbyes, Falling on my butt while ice skating, cold coffee, a broken finger nail, a paper cut, an unavailable library book, a lost crayon, a mechanical pencil that has no lead

Inspiration: I get my inspiration mostly from my high school... It's is a private preparatory school and it is sooo different from anything else I am used to... Most of the poems have to do with love... Something I experienced my freshman year (I will always love you Trevor) but haven't since then... I find myself stuck... I love a boy that doesn't love me back... So I write about it to express my feelings... A great way out... Other inspirations are from things currently happening with my friends... I am like the shoulder to cry on... I help a lot of my girlfriends with their problems and I write about all our sorrows... Not too bad...

Favorite Quotes:

-some times things have to fall apart for other things to fall into place...

-Don't change for anyone but yourself... Soul is life... If you go and change yourself for someone, you lose your soul and become a hollow shell of something they want you to be or look like... You are no longer yourself, and you are soulless... And life without a soul is not a life at all -Me

-If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.

-A Person Who Asks A Question Is A Fool For Five Minutes, A Person Who Doesn't Is A Fool Forever ...

This is my Facebook account... It's actually an album of my art work... anime style... Check it out... Tell me what you think..."

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