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•My name is Raena (Rae)
•I'm seventeen.
•I live in Alberta, Canada.
•My birthday is October 23, 1990.
•I'm random & witty.
•I believe our world is doomed. For more than one reason
•I like to speak Spanish. I'm still learning though.
•I love my friends to pieces & am very protective of them
•I love music, writing, photography & movies.
•I love midnight walks in the summer.
•I don't like it when people can't spell because they're too lazy to.
•My favourite foods are chili, spaghetti, ice cream, orange juice & fruit of almost any kind
•I like making new friends.
•I don't believe in drinking all the time so that your mind barely remembers things.
•I HATE highschool drama. I had enough of that in elementary, thanks.
•I don't go with the flow. I prefer to be different and having my own style, veering away from the "fads" in society nowadays.
•If all you can do is swear & cuss your lungs out, you must not be very smart. I believe in the english language. It's useful.
•My top ten favourite movies are Batman Begins, Moulin Rouge, V for Vendetta, Happy Feet, Darkness Falls, Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Hannibal & Ever After.
•I'm pretty sarcastic, morbid & at times, sadistic.

: Bang Bang You're Dead and An Inconvenient Truth
Books: A Great and Terrible Beauty -Libba Bray (for girls) and On a Pale Horse- Piers Anthony (for guys or girls)

Gray Snow:

Dana's Mustang-
Septum piercing-

-STATUS of Gray Snow-

Sept 24-- I HAVEN'T ABANDONED THIS STORY. JUST ON A BREAK. Just letting you know.
JULY 30-- Chapter nine in progress and almost complete.
JUNE 24-- Chapter eight submitted.
JUNE 12-- Chapter seven edited.
MAY 13-- Chapter seven submitted.
APR 28-- Chapter six submitted.
APR 17-- Chapter five submitted.
MAR 18-- Chapter four submitted.
MAR 1-- Chapter three submitted.
FEB 13-- Chapter two submitted.
FEB 12-- Chapter one submitted.
FEB 5-- Prologue submitted.


It's good to check back to my profile for updates and info on stuff so i hope you people do that.

Important Stuff

Well this is important so listen up: I'm tired of having to write and force my story out there when i started writing it for me. I don't really get constructive criticism and i don't want to have to worry about getting my story out there for people to read it. I have a busy life and i can't always have the mood to write. I have to do a lot of work on three stories i'm currently working on and i want to do it when i have the time and when i feel like it. So from now on, i'm not going to make promises of updates or when you can expect one. I'm going to write and post when i damn feel like it. It's just too much stress to do it this way. So i sincerely apologize to everyone that were/ are avid readers of Gray Snow and i thank you all so much for your support and for sticking with me thus far.

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