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READ MY "Sinking Ship"!! (It's my new main story for 2008)

Click the osit twins for their character art.

And be sure to check out the SinkingShip/PressureHigh drawings I did of some of the characters.

Hi! My name is Andrew Michaels... maybe? Recently turned twenty, the guys can call me "the man", but the girls can call me "Man of their dreams", "Future husband", "The Ladies' Choice" or "father of their children", or which ever variation you prefer on that category.

As for the basics...


Age: Same as my twin’s

Height: 6'3

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Hair Color: Grayish looking brunet (depends on how intense the sunlight hits me).

Skin Color: Lightly tanned but gets darker (not red) if I get sunburned.

Body Build: Slender but Athletic

Shoe Size: Probably bigger than yours.

Eye Color: Brown, though I try to past it up as hazel sometimes.

Preferences: Someone who doesn’t stalk me.

Music Taste: Latin Rock, Top 40 Pop, Alternative and most importantly, Reggaeton

Musical Talent: Probably more than Paula Abdul yet I’m not a judge.

Favorite Color: Black, Green and Blue.

Favorite TV Programming: Reality TV, Naruto and House.

Curious Detail About Myself: My internet friends know me better than my real-life-known-them-since-preschool-friends. Sad, I know.

I also have an account on Fanfiction and I enjoy reading stories about squall/rinoa, serra/erk, narusaku, sora/kairi and roxas/nanimé (though I wish there were some good sora/nanimé stuff, if there is, tell me). I'm not really into the Harry Potter movement, although I do watch the movies when they come out, but only once.

I'm Rosemistress and Draco Revel's friendly adversary. Although it's proven that I can overcome them when they are separated, when united, they are an evil force to be reckon with. Truth to be told, our rivalry is what really inspired me to start writing.

(Sadly, both Rosemistress and Draco Revel are currently on FP hiatus)

Special thanks to laugh w/o jokes 'cause her funny reviews always keeps me in good spirits to continue writting.

Special award to Angelical12345 because she is seriously the fastest reviewer I know. Plus she's completely honest. (Though I don't advise her to the people who can't take constructive criticism).

Special recognition to Panda McDougal for his in-depth analyzis. He always sees stuff that I don't.

Although I always wanted to write a traumatizing psychological thriller (still do!) ... I always end up writing teen comedies. It's a curse but it's always fun.

My partner in crime here is my twin brother Alex. He being the evil twin and I'm being the "too nice for his own good" twin, sadly I'm not the mischeavous one. By the way, Alex is Zephyr-wings.

Let's see... what else? Hmm, oh yeah! I'm not really an active reader so I appologize if I take my sweet time reading some of your stuff.

Right now I'm in a "review as you read" mood, meaning that my reviews will be long and full of spunk. And don't worry, I'm not the type that flames or stings you with "overly contrustive criticisms" that in reality are just a way of saying "don't quit you day job".

One thing you should know about my stories is that it doesn't revolves solely around one character. I'm agaisnt the whole "he's the hero so he gets the best attributes" thing.

For Cleric Character illustrations click here!

Stories currently available:

1. The Cleric Sagas:

-They are three separate stories that take place in the same world. I wrote them in a way it can be read in any order. So you choose.

A. Unrecalled Memories (The first story I started writing and soon I'll finish it! Here you'll notice how my writting progresses throughout the chapters):

-It's this diverse sort of medieval story about teen faith, love, treason, fun and loyalty. It's fantasy, drama, romance, suspense, action, and above all ...humor. It's my commitment that you'll laugh (or at least have a quiet smile) in every chapter. Victor's tale

B. Untempted Acolyte: (Currently re-editing the chapters. I recommend reading this one after Unrecalled Memories)

In reality it is the prequel to "Unrecalled Memories", Andrew's story. It possesses less romantic drama but a lot more humor, action/adventure and a bigger cast of characters.

C. Undying Storm: (Haven't posted it yet)

-The final installment. All the characters from the previous stories will be active but neither Andrew nor Victor will play the protagonist. Another person will since I refuse to use the same protagonist more than once.

2. Hear Her Call:

This will be my first attempt to gather your interest without resorting to comedy. Plus the lead is a female. Hope you like it. Its Siren Love at midst of a mithological war were Siren are suppously exterminated.

3. Pressure High: (Currently fixing some stuff)

-To be cool you have to step on a few of your friends. Just be sure you don't step on yourself.

This one is currently being rewritten for other purposes. Read the A/N at the ending of it's chapter 3 to find out more.

4. Or So I Thought: (Story born in 2008)

So I read in wikipedia this article about twinless twins and I knew I just had to write a story about it.

5. Sinking Ship: (My latest one).

Because just like the Titanic, friendship can also sink if taken for granted.

Upcoming works:

1. Darkness Fades:

-It's the psychological thriller I always wanted to write. It's more suspenseful, serious, darker, and sad yet happy story than any of the stories I've written so far. It's about a love that was never meant to be. Needless to say it contains humor also, but not the kind that will have you laughing on and on. Just the kind that will place a gentle and silent smile on your face.

And one more thing!:

My characters tend to be inspired by the people around me and it goes without saying that even my reviewers can become characters in my stories. But I'll have to know your real name.

Anyways, thanks for spending time reading my drabble. Take care!

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