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Okay...that first intro was bad so i'll speak in my funny language(Heck, i'm a comedian!)

Natasha the Starcreator is obviously not my real name, this is:

Natasha E. Nayo...boy, do i hate that name. And don't even think about the 'E' part please!!!

So, what can i say? I'm a manga artist in training (though people say i'm good! ), i love manga and internet stuff, LOVE GREEN, a writer (mainly on fantasy) and a scorpio.

So thats my profile-now for my manga stories-

The Adventure of the Silver Star (TAOSS)

I'm proud of this piece: It's about Kai, a cool Galaxy cop in Futural Japan (i think it's 3302) and Yoh-Annu, a hyper active, hot-tempered thief in the past(somewhere in the 60s and 80s-sorry history fans). They team up and become the most powerful pirates with their chinese fishing boat-i'm sure they're really gonna get respect...they meet their rivals especially the bloody killer pirate-Captain Shinaka.

There's actually a part two in this story!!

This one is coming up soon-

The Adventures of Andromeda(TAOA)

Yep, another farout adventure and i really mean farout. The setting this time is in space! With different faces, new powers and achievements.

More ideas coming up soon.

Oh, before i go...PlEaSe ReViEw!!!_

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