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Hello there, I guess you have stumbled onto my profile. Perhaps you were either looking to know about me, or just trying to find a short-cut to my other stories(which I currently don't have so it can't be that). Anyways I'm a bit new here and slightly new to writing original stories. I have written some, they just never came out good. I'm usually a fanficiton writter over at, but that place is starting to suck @$$ and I kinda wanted to start up on my own works. Well a little on me: I love anime and manga. I'm also very much into J-rock or Japanese rock. I have started two stories which I will eventually be putting up, I just want to figure them out more and write a couple of chapters ahead of time. Since I still am writing over at fanfiction I might not update my stories to often. I will try for at least twice a month if not once. It really all depends on school too, since I'm hardly left time to write my fanfics. Anyways that's all, but I guess I'll giv you a bit of a Bio too:


Hotaru or Hana(I go by either)


B-day: June 2

Gender: FM

Fav color: any shade of purple, black, silver, i'm starting to love red too.

Likes: anime, manga, all animals(yes all of them), rock music, camping, fighting,dancing,

Hates: pervs , Andrea, (i don't think you know her), people who only care for them selfs, humans in general sometimes, anyone who threatens or talks crap about my best friends.

Fav Movies: Top 3- Practical Magic, Grave of the Fireflies, FFVII: Advent Children (jap version Only!)

Fav J-rock Bands: Top 3- Dir en Grey, Gackt, and Gossip

Fav J-rock Songs(at the moment): Dir en Grey- Kodou

Gackt- Redemption,

Gossip- Frozen Darkly

Fav Books:Top3- Protector of the Small series, Lioness Quartet series, Daughters of the Moon series

Fav Anime: Top 3- Ouran Host Club, Fruits Basket, Gundam Wing

Fav Mangas: Top 3- Sailor Moon, Ouran Host Club, Fruits Basket

Fav Quotes/Sayings-

-"Oh really, adult things such as adultery, infidelity, pornography, those things that really go bump
in the night?" - Midori said this in OtakuNi's fanfic A Curse to Remember

-Me-There are these frogs here, that come out in the spring.The males have this 'mateing call' in which itsounds like a lady screaming.

Katie- ok

Me- it's now really hot here. . . we have no air conditioning in my house. My window faces my neighbors house who has a pond with those frogs. So either I sleep with the window closed, and die of overheating. Or i keep my window open and don't get any sleep because those fuckers can't get laid!

Katie-:laughing: I love how blunt you are.-I was whining to Katie over the phone.

sou nakushita mono ha
mou umarenai
ikiteru akashi sae
motomerarenai uta
Let's put an end... The Final
-Dir en Grey: The Final

Not some Damsel in Distress reviews
Just some funny little poem I thought up one day when my guy friends were being jerks. Hope you like it.
Poetry: Humor - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 314 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 1 - Published: 9/17/2006
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