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"Isn't it funny? You hear a phone ring and it could be anybody, but a ringing phone has to be answered, doesn't it?"

"Never use rabbit's feet fr luck, because remember, it didn't work too well for the rabbit."

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Current Works

Polar Shift - This is my favorite story that I have on site right now. The idea came from a show that used to air on ABCFamily called Three Moons Over Milford. I thought that show was wonderful, but it was canceled seven episodes in due to poor rating. I didn't want to let the legacy die, so I incorporated the same theme into my own cabal of characters. Miles Westin and Allison Dreary are one of my favorite protagonists.

Jose Calderon is a Resourceful Boy - I don't normally write one-shots, but this is one that I've wanted to write for sometime. I found a website with a lot of urban legends and many of them caught my eye as interesting and could be expanded on into an interesting story. My first plan was to adapt the story of a man who bought thousands of pudding cups to win a contest for free air travel for life, but then I found out someone else wrote that first. (Punch-Drunk Love, anyone?) So I went with another urban legend that caught my eye and expanded on that.

Starting Over - Remember when I said I loved urban legends? This story is from the same website, except it's actually true. The idea of someone selling their entire life on Bay and moving away to start a brand new life interested me. I'm in the preliminary stages of planning this story. 22-year-old Shelly Luong losses everything in a short amount of time after having a seemingly perfect life. Distraught, she sells everything she owns on eBay and even offers to enroll the buyer in her college and introduced him or her to her friends. Shelly moves to Juneau, Alaska to start over and forget about her old life. The only problem is that one of her friends, Caleb Shanowski, followed her to Alaska.

The Bismark - No urban legend here! This story is very much based on my own experience as a teenager working at a 4-star restaurant. Most of the characters are based on my very own coworkers, like Shawn the busboy, Michael the enigmatic server and eventual supervisor, Trina the lazy boss, and Chef Joe among others. I really like this idea, but my friends tell me it would work a lot better as a TV sitcom rather than a story.

Dancer - If you knew me, this would surprise you. I hate vampires. Seldom are they ever written interestingly. I have read many vampire stories on this site and there is only one I can say has been written so well that it interests even me. The reason I've gone with this is that it started out as an assignment for English class. However, I got lazy and didn't finish it. My friend gave me great ideas for characters and I don't want to discard that, so I figure her would be a great place to continue that story.

Future Works

How To Sustain a Healthy Relationship in Just Twenty Easy Lessons (Rating: T) - This idea has been jumping around in my mind for a long time. You know that girl who just seems so socially inept? She's so stuck in her own world of textbooks and pop quizzes that she probably wouldn't know what to do if a boy asked her out? Kristen Shelby just so happens to be that girl and she just so happens to be in that situation. So what does every self-respecting introvert do to remedy the situation? Get a tutor.

Collateral (Rating T) (title subject to change) - Okay. Yeah. This one is based on yet another urban legend, but only slightly. It's probably more of a joke than a legend since it probably never happened. A blonde woman puts up her 60,000 car as collateral for a five-hundred dollar loan. Is she stupid, or what? Loan officer Ron Williams finds it a bit odd, so he investigates. Ron finds that the car holds a secret worth a fortune and when his boss Amanda Kunkle announces that she will sell the car only for what is needed (500) if she cannot pay back the loan, Ron does everything in his power to prevent the blond woman's return while fighting off hoards of other people with their eye on the prize as well.

Go Back in Time and Kill Yourself (Rating: T) - In the year 2038, Dr. Julian Tyge goes insane when he is denied his Nobel Prize after his research in disproving the grandfather paradox came inconclusive. There's only one way left to disprove the paradox: go back in time and kill himself.

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Cat McDonough lived a mundane life in Manhattan until people all around the world suddenly started disappearing. Taking it upon herself to find out why, Cat stumbles upon a device which grants her access to a parallel world seemingly devoid of life, but which may hold the answers to what plagues her universe, and Cat may be the only one capable of discovering what that may be.
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Earth's magnetic field shifts and in one year, natural disasters will end life as we know it... but Miles Westin couldn't care less. When the words of The Coma Guy imply that there could be a solution, Miles is left with a problem he doesn't want to fix.
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This story is dedicated to the memory of Andrew Shawn Gillespie. Sometimes being a "five-star restaurant" is just a label, and not a measure of quality.
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