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Zephyr-wings I was named Squall Tempest at the beginning but I decided to change it up. It still consists of the gale element, 'cause wind is my favorite.

About me

I'm a happy go lucky twenty year old guy

I'm also a twin, although I think of myself as the "GOOD TWIN", people always tend to categorize me as the "EVIL" one. People seem to like being friends with a twin, so I fit in almost everywhere; I guess you can say that's one of its pros.

My twin has taken the title of "THE CREATIVE ONE". I'm plenty creative myself just so you know! But he's "THE WRITER" a healthy hobby, and his rather good at it. Consequently, I don't write, or I never attempted to anyways until now. One of my hobbies happens to be reading, though I don't speak much of that particular hobby. So basically, what I'm going to be doing here in fictionpress is read the awesomely incredible story you had to upload. By the way my brother's pen name is Taylary Daisuke. If you like my story then I recommend reading one of his stories because he takes this site to a whole other level, just by reading his profile page you'll see what I'm talking about. I know cuz I fed him ideas for it.

If you have a story and you want some one to review it, tell me 'cause I'll be happy to give you my constructive opinion. BTW, humor is basically what I'm looking for to reading. But it has to have a steady plot to intrigue me because plain pointless comedy just doesn't do it for me.

After lots of time thinking about it, and because of "popular" demand, I decided to post a little something here so it can be read (review if you must). This will be my first attempt to write a story. Before this I have never written fiction, period. With this narrative I'm like a sixteen year old getting on a bike for the first time IN HIS LIFE!.. but with no training wheels. All I have as referential backup is that I have seen others do it. Now that you are aware of my amateur status, on with the story.

"A High School Story" Chapter 14 of 26 up!

I won't even try to hide it's generic plot. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty proud for it.

- Sets in High School, sophomore year. Caden, the protagonist, didn't really care about his school; that is until his childhood crush transfers in. Now his school spirit is somewhat high as he tries to impress her into liking him (yeah I know, pretty generic, but that's just the starting point). Basically I'm just showcasing the fun, hard and entertaining parallel universe known as life in high school.

Click HERE to get a look at how the main cast (10 Characters in this one) are kinda suppose to look like.

Here for Caden & Lenne,

here for Nathan & Averie,

here for Emma,

here for the little teaser involving sibling rivalry.

Anyways...um... nop, that was all I had to say. Bye now!

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