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Name: Just call me Baltizar. Or Balti. Or my old name that I still use: Shadow.

Age: 16

Personality: Kind, smart, and can be annoying to some ppl(just ask my friends). Constantly bored. Always thinking of new ideas for everything.

Description: Really tall, dark black hair, brown eyes, glasses, and that's all I want to tell(what else do you need to know anyway?).

Hobbbies: Video games, reading, watching TV, writing, thinking up new things.

Current status: School(and working on my stories)

My thoughts:'s been a long time.

Homepage: Just to clear this up. The hompage I put up is not mine. It's a freind of mine's and I wanted to help her get more members, so check it out sometime. Be sure to put that I told you about this place.

Blurb of the...however long it takes for me to update it.

Geez, I completely forgot about this. Wow, it's been two years already. I look at the stuff I had up, and the stuff I've been writing now, and I see how much I've changed. It's kind of insane when I think about it. Well, I'll attempt to put up some of the stuff I've been writing now. Hopefully whoever reads it will find that I've gotten at least a little bit better at writing.


My One. My Only.: Cecilia is a beautiful head waitress at the best restaurant in New York. She's has been having dreams of some man for the past year. She knows he exist, and determined to find him. But what happens when she does? And why's she a target for an NY mob?

Yeah, that's all I could put up due to the character restriction. Actually, that pretty much explains all I want to be explained. You'll have to read and wait to find out more.

Current Progress: Slow. I'm not going to lie, its slow going. School gets in my way too much for it to go quickly. But, it is going. Maybe soon I'll put up chapter two if I feel people are reading it.

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