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Current projects: I'll Meet Thee in the Graveyard (staus: in-progress)

I have uploaded a photoalbum which contains pictures of the cast of I'll Meet Thee in the Graveyard. So, if you like, you can visit http:// and see Rhiannon, Gabriel, Miles, Jake, and all the rest face to face. Of course, feel free to express what you think of them by leaving your comments.

Favourite books:

Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights

Anne Rice: The Vampire Chronicles (I've only read two and a half so far, but I've quickly become a devoted fan), Violin




The Scarlet Letter

Mary Higgin's Clark: Daddy's Little Girl, All Around the Town, Remember Me


Lord Byron: Child Harold's Pilgrimage, Canto 4 (my absolute favourite)

Keats: Ode to a Nightingale

Wordsworth: The World is too Much with Us

Marvell: To His Coy Mistress

Tennyson: The Lady of Shalott

Edgar Allen Poe: The Raven, the Tell Tale Heart, and the Pit and the Pendelum

Below I've also listed the series I read as a child:

Teen Angels (favourite character was always Cisco McCaine)

Goosebumps: The Dead House would have to be my favourite out of the few of these I have read. Though, I also like Dangerous Girls...or so I believe it was called.

Animorphs: I loved all of the characters and all of the books and even now I recommend them to younger kids. I felt Applegate wasa talented writer and still do.

Magic Attic: I always loved this series, too. I think Megan was my favourite character.

I also was an avid Mary Kate and Ashley/Full House reader...though I don't like them or even recommend them much today.

My favourite styles of poetry are the monorhyme, the Epitaph, free verse, Monody, Ode, Palindrome, and the Pantoum, and the Pantoum is the one I most commonly use, though I do try others.

The Thesaurus is my favourite writing tool. I actually carry one with me at all times. I recomend for any one wanting to write but needing a boost. It's helped greatly in writers block, and it includes tart ideas, and other fun online divination tools. My favourite are the yes and no questions. I'll type in something that I wanna know about my character but can't quite decide, for example: Does Lucy ever find true love? And it'll give me a yes or no, and I'll ask other questions to clarify how the story can go. Of course, I don't let the computer decide for me, but it does help for other perspectives. also offers sentence starters, character ideas, generless ideas, etc.

Horror is the easiest genre for me. When I write a horror style tale, it seems to help me pour forth an fear, stress, anger, and such. I can somehow let me anger out alot through my characters. It's also alot of fun to go crazy with your imagination or try to write something that can really scare the hell out of someone. However, for me it is way to easy to fall into cliche categories, and write yet another zombie or slasher fiction. My thing as a writer is to not write so much what every one else writes, but to dig deep and find thorough and deep tales, and I hate writing cheesy stories, although I know I do sometimes.

I also enjoy mythology and supernatural and legends. So, that is the sort of things I will be uploading on here. I like fictionpress as a fun way to practice writing, get critism, and really train yourself to get a book out there. Well, that's an eyeful for you to read. Hope to be getting some really good critism soon and until then I'd two poems and I guess I'll see you later!

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