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4/3/07 - Hmm. So much for leaving the fantasy world.

1/17/07 - I just scrapped all my stories (all three with only one completed), and I'm starting over. It is with (metaphorical) tears in my eyes that I announce I'm leaving the fantasy world for a while. The reason? I want to try something a little less complicated and keep things simple while I develop my writing skills. Also, I'm a little tired of the latest fantasy movie influencing my writing. Let's face it, the world has seen a huge rise of fantasy since Lord of the Rings (though in my defense, I was writing fantasy long before you could look up LOTR on IMDB. I just liked not having to stick to historical facts). So anyway, I'm working on another story, set in New York, and I know I told myself I wouldn't put it up until I'm done, but I've got it pretty well mapped out. In the meantime, if you really have time to kill, check me out on " is my link. See you there.