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Wow its been awhile since I updated my profile. I'm 19 now, and I have graduated High School. I started a job in august but I am laid off at the moment giving me a lot of time to write.

Hmm... a lot of things have changed and yet stayed the same. I have become more active in the gay community where I live, but I am still too shy for anything major. I am in a comfortable place as far as relationships go, my last one was very bad for me in both spirit and physically. I am healing from that and life moves on.

I still live at my parent’s house but I am saving up money to get my own place, or possibly room with a high school friend of mine. My life at the moment is kind of boring but I am content and if the price I pay for relief from the pain of high school is a bit of boredom I am more than willing to pay it.

As far as writing goes, I write more fanfictions than anything else, but they are mostly for practice in characterization and flow of the story. If by some miracle I do get anything published I will stop writing those as a professional courteousy.

My style for original writing leans in two opposite directions, I write both prose and novels. My short stories are a combination of poetic verse and true plot. I post erratically because I write erratically. I have started many chaptered stories but never managed to finish one due to writers block in the middle and a tendency to rush endings. Thus most of my postings will be short stories and poems. I will only post a chaptered story here if I have it completely written and not trying to get it published. At the moment I have the beginning of a project I am working on up, I want to see how it is received. Depending on the criticism I receive for it, I will either take it down and finish writing it with the intent of publishing, or leave it up and finish it here.

I am an Alternative author, I walk the line between contemporary writing and politically unacceptable. All of my chaptered stories have hints if not outright homosexual themes. I also have plans of pushing the limits of what people consider a 'normal' relationship. Some will be set in this time period and others will go back in time because I am a shameless history buff. I have an idea in mind for a story set in the 20s or 30s involving a bi-racial, homosexual, couple. The beginning I have posted now is part of a trilogy of vampire stories, but they are being written in ascending order i.e. the first book is actually happening third in chronological order. I have the beginnings of a werecat series as well but they are still very sketchy.

Well seeing as how I don't have much of a fan base yet, and therefore no questions have been asked, I don't think there is anything left to say. If anyone has any burning questions they can message me and I will reply.

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Killing Me Slowly reviews
I was put through a very rough time with my ex. I saved all the poems I wrote from the beginning until the end. These are the best ones in order of being written. I don't have any regrets and I still care, but I had to get out.
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My Pleasure, My Pain reviews
These poems were written while I was struggling just to survive. I am no longer suicidal and I am healing from the other wounds. I want to share some of my story so maybe I can stop someone else. This is a life of pure pain there is nothing cool or great.
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Rogue Nights reviews
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The Truth About High School reviews
this is an essay i wrote when trying to illustrate the changes high school has made in my graduating class. some of it isnt what you would expect
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a little tale of how the hunter became the hunted
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this is a biography of any exsoldier who gave up everything for are freedom. a story of loss and a story of gain. two lost souls find each other on a cold snowy night not a romance
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10 Ways to Eternity
a little story about what happens when someone losses it all and gives up completely. showing what really can happen when someone choses to die. contains suicide death and hopefully a little inspiration to keep living
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The Fall of an Angel reviews
Just a story i wrote depicting the fall of an angel and the rise of a devil with a twist. NOT THE BIBLICAL VERSON.
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Death of a Rose
two people meet on a snowy roof top a story ensues ensnaring love hatred greed and pain a story of assasins and death joy and life will be uploaded in two or three parts
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poems from a troubled soul reviews
a collection of my poems most have somewhat dark themes to them they all deal with raw emotion in some form COMPLETE
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