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June 22nd, 2010

Well, I guess it's been a while. Some of you might have noticed I've posted a one-shot or two (semi) recently, but have been pretty dead otherwise. I'll keep my excuses short and just say that college and my personal life kept me busy. However, I'm home for the summer and have only a part-time job to keep me occupied, so it looks like I'll be doing more writing in the next couple months. For those of you who care (I suspect there are a few of you, as I've gotten some lovely and kind feedback lately), I'm still working on the sequel to Continuum, and there's a good chance I'll start posting chapters once I have a few finished. I also have two other stories in the works, both slash, both entirely planned out and just in need of a good dose of inspiration. I'll post them when I have a good chunk written. Finally, and as always, I love feedback, even just friendly messages asking about story statuses or making smalltalk and whatnot, so please feel free to drop me a line anytime. I'll do my best to answer every question and comment. Until next time, I hope everyone is having an excellent year.


I adore fanart, and one of my favorite people ever, the lovely Kira, has drawn me a beautiful (and sexxxy) picture of Calcifex. Check it out (Remove the spaces)!

h t t p : / / i 1 5 . photobucket . com / albums / a365 / NekoKamiFL / calfanartsss . j p g

You should also go check out her DA account (khiitan dot deviantart dot com), because she's amazing.


Jiikron: Legend of the Two - Discontinued. Will probably be removed from the site when I decide that my love for the original idea is less important than the poor people who might actually try to read it. Translated: it's garbage, but it was my first original story and I'm very attached to it.

And So it Goes - On an indefinite hiatus. Another old idea that I love, but might be too old for me to salvage.

The Charade - COMPLETE.

Continuum - COMPLETE, 07/11/09.

Do Not Fall Down Stairs - Interlude (NOT PART OF THE ACTUAL STORY) posted 07/18/08. Chapter four is underway. I apologize for the time it's taking to update. Things have been busy lately.

I work on stories when I get the inspiration. I cannot and will not write on cue. When I try that everything turns out like crap. I'm sorry, but if you review asking for a quick update, you probably won't get one unless the next chapter is almost complete. If you want to check the status of a story, send me a message and ask. I will be glad to answer.

Upcoming Fiction

Untitled - Haven't thought of a good enough name yet. NaNoWriMo idea 2009. Another unfinished story that I'm too attached to. Slash. Sci-fi/fantasy set in the modern day.
Summary -
Lark Tillman hunts supernatural and mythological creatures for a living. As one of the top agents of the secret OGRE society, his life is always busy and never boring. His partner Sadie is his reliable and unfailing companion, and his boyfriend Warner makes Lark's home life just as enriching as his work hours. Not everything is perfect, though. Revenge against the vampire clan that killed his father is always on the forefront of Lark's mind, and recently a lead that brought him to the clan is turning up some strange circumstances and dangerous encounters with the mysterious Incubus, Vardan. When one mission after another goes horribly wrong, Lark starts to suspect that he is being drawn into a trap that he just can't get out of.

Albatross - Desperately in need of a title change. My NaNoWriMo 2007 idea. I didn't manage to finish it in November (didn't even come close), but this idea is one of my favorites to date, and I will be writing it. Slash. A modern day, fantasy love story wrapped up in history.
Summary -
Danny Lovett and his mom, Chanty, are constantly moving around to get away from his drunken father, Carter. Imagine Daniel's surprise when he moves to Maywell, a small (miniscule, really) town in New York and suddenly has many more pressing problems than escaping Carter's wrath. Between his new friend Kat being in love with him (Danny just wants to be friends, really!), trying to decide whether or not he's attracted to the strange and cold Cassidy, and stopping a village full of cursed people from sacrificing his mom to satisfy an ages old curse, Danny is pretty sure he'd choose his old life over his new one any day.

A little about me:


1. Full Name: No thank you, internet. You can call me Katelyn.

2. Nicknames: Kate, Katey, Katiebeth.

3. Birthday: July, 1991.

4. Place Of Birth: Small town, Upstate NY.

5. Zodiac Sign: Cancer.

6. Male Or Female: XX.

7. School: College Sophomore.

8. Occupation: I work part time with screaming kids.

9. Residence: An apartment or a dorm.

10. MSN Screen Name: Don't have one.

_Your Appearance_

12. Hair Colour: Blonde.

13. Hair Length: Short ish.

14. Eye Colour: Gray.

15. Weight: Thin.

16. Height: Five foot, five.

17. Braces?: Nah.

18. Glasses?: Yes.

19. Piercings: None.

20. Tattoos: Zero.

21. Righty Or Lefty: Righty.


22. First Best Friend: Alexis.

23. First Award: No idea. Maybe 'student of the month'.

24. First Sport: Tee ball. On the boys' team. Go, me.

25. First Pet: Baby the cockatiel.

26. First Real Vacation: Maine.

27. First Concert: REO Speedwagon, I think. Or maybe Bon Jovi. One of those.

28. First Love: WKH.


29. Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean (all three).

30. TV Programme: House MD.

31. Colour: Sea green.

32. Rapper: Drake, maybe? I can't decide.

33. Band/Artist: Billy Joel. For the win.

34. Song Right Now: "Vienna" by Billy Joel.

35. Friends: I don't have favorite friends. I love them all.

36. Sweet: I love pretty much every sweet, but I'm most partial to chocolate.

37. Sport: Bowling, sucka. Yeah.

38. Restuarant: Taco Bell. If that even counts as a real restaurant. If not, then Macaroni Grill.

39. Clothing Brand: Rue 21.

41. School Subject: Japanese.

42. Animal: Cat. Me-ow.

43. Book/Author: I am Harry Potter's number one fan, and I challenge you to prove me wrong, baby.

44. Magazine: Cosmopolitan? I don't know. Maybe Reader's Digest.

45. Shoes: Boots.


46. Feeling: Inspired.

47. Single Or Taken: Taken.

48. In love: Head over heels.

49. Eating: Sour Patch Kids.

50. Drinking: Green tea.

51. Typing: This survey, Captain.

52. Online?: Clearly.

53. Listening To: The love of my life.

54. Thinking About: Bison. No, seriously.

55. Wanting To: Be in Washington, DC with my heart.

56. Watching: Nothing.

57. Wearing: Shorts, bra, underwear.


58. Want Kids?: Mhm.

59. Want To Get Married?: Yes.

60. Careers In Mind: Published author, Japanese translator.

61. Where Do You Want To Live: Somewhere nice.

62. Car: Don't have one, at the moment.

P.S. I completely stole this survey from Dirty-Angel-Toes' profile. You should go check him out. He's one of my favorite authors and his story 'Stupid Post It Notes' is fabulous. Link:

I decided it was high time to acknowledge the wonderful authors I've found here on FP. Following is a list of people that I suggest you immediately track down if you're looking for a good read.

- Cracked Butterfruit (Hello. If you haven't read 'Details' you should be mercilessly tortured until you do.)
- Sirivinda ('For All Waters' and 'In Theory' are brilliant. Sirivinda never fails to impress.)
- Dirty-Angel-Toes (I mentioned him above. Go. Read. Now.)
- American Schokolade (Am I spelling this right? I think not... Anyway... Another amazing author. Searchhhh and clickkk.)
- SerialXLain (Holy carp. Yes, carp. Fish. Anyway. I digress. This lady can write, folks. I strongly recommend 'Mozart's Requiem'.)
- NewAgeRembrandt (Amazing. What more can I say?)
- IceraMyst ('Intrigue at the Crowned Jewel' is one of the most delightfully wonderful stories I have read in a long time.)
- Lulai (Brilliant. That's it. Simply brilliant.)

I know there are a few others I'd like to put here, but they have escaped my incredibly flighty mind for now. I'll come back and update this when I remember.

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Tenebrism by Alyn Drasil reviews
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Of the Father reviews
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