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About me if you're actually interested:

Loves: music. my guitar. my keyboard. my piano. my journal. papermate black pens. the color black. the color red. black nail polish. coffee. acoustic songs. Jared Leto. puppies. rain. clouds. thunderstorms. the cold. my four wonderful friends. singing. writing songs. my therapist. chocolate. guys who play the guitar and sing. making stupid videos with my friends. love. writing. psychiatry. December. milk. the last day of school. being alone. being with friends. rings. eye-liner. laughing. hilariously bad movies. boys with dark hair. blue eyes. green eyes. hugs. muffins. socks. winter. cinnamon-flavored anything. apples. innapropriate t-shirts. farting jokes. arguing with Republicans. The Holidays and Christmas lights (even though I'm Jewish). the sunset. the dark. nighttime. Milo Ventimiglia. Gilmore Girls. Ralph Nader. guys who play the drums. ridiculous looking ski hats. mittens. snow. the holidays. people who are just genuinly nice people who REALLY care about other people. being an outspoken atheist. cliched stories that are somehow unique as well. bright-colored acoustic guitars. black guitars. white grand pianos. fall. hugs. chapstick from gap. just talking about random stuff. singing in the rain. making a fool out of myself and not caring when people stare at me. writing a REALLY good story and being proud of it. happiness. cynical, pessimistic people. really powerful bridges (some people call them breaks) in songs. singing my FUCKING heart out. walking home when it's cold and rainy outside. saying hi to people who pass me on the streets and smiling at them because it makes me feel happy. seattle. london. NYC (this is a recently discovered love of mine. I used to hate NYC, but when I go by myself and I take the train I LOVE it). snowdays. getting gifts. giving gifts if they're good, but since I'm COMPLETELY un-creative and can't find people good gifts I usually hate giving gifts. Megan McCauley. Missy Higgins. the soundtrack to the movie Once. foot baths. shopping as Costco. colorful pens.

Hates: homophobes. george w. bush. worms. cockroaches. tennis. writing really bad song lyrics. writers block. September. October. November. January. February. March. April. May. pity. school. teachers. gym. broken promises. lies. my family. family vacations. people who think they know me when they don't. SATs. college. feeling lonely. depression. hopelessness. the beach. heat. my guitar case. being scared. letting people see me when I'm weak. rude people. arrogance. reading. Dick Cheney. where I live. rap. hip-hop. Ann Coulter. needles. math. the word 'emo'. Thanksgiving. mornings. my brother because he's an arrogant jerk. that awful sensation you get when you can't feel your hands and then you come inside and place them under burning hot water and it feels all tingly and gross. the fact that I'm a romantic. the fact that I'm DYING to be the girl who doesn't care what other people think about her, but I'm still a little bit self-conscious secretly. my history teacher who everyone thinks is hot but really isn't hot at all. having crushes on boys who would never like you back and are totally out of your league. giving bad gifts. selfish-egotistical people who I KNOW will never get over themselves. bio labs.

Favorite Music: Metallica. Nirvana. Placebo. Holly Brook. Hole. Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Terra Naomi. Three Days Grace. Sia, Katy Rose. Nine Inch Nails. Sick Puppies. The Spill Canvas. Missy Higgins. Ryan Adams. 30 Seconds to Mars. The Wreckers. Smashing Pumpkins. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Vanessa Carlton. Story of the Year. Staind. Shinedown. Seether. Senses Fail. Sense Field. Say Anything. Rise Against. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. R.E.M. Puddle of Mudd. Papa Roach. Paramore. P!nk. The Offspring. Oasis. Natalie Imbruglia. Mest. Matt Nathanson. Matchbox Twenty. Matchbook Romance. Megan McCauley. Lisa Loeb. The Used. All That Remains. Tyler Hilton. Aiden. Blue October. Sixx: A.M. Sara Bareilles. Taylor Swift. New Radicals. O.A.R. Seether. Emerson Hart. Hawthorne Heights. Linkin Park. Lifhouse. Jewel. Jet. Hot Hot Heat. Gavin DeGraw. Flyleaf. Fefe Dobson. Evanescence. Dixie Chicks. This Providence. Escape the Fate.Cobra Starship. Brand New. Anti-Flag. Anna Nalick. Alana Grace. AFI. The Academy Is. Meg and Dia. John Mayer. Jack Johnson. Breaking Benjamin. The Goo Goo Dolls. LeAnn Rimes. Marie Digby. Guns N'Roses...(that's all I can think of right now, but there's a LOT more)

Additional facts:

-my favorite colors are black and red

-I'm VERY VERY liberal (you probably won't ever meet someone MORE liberal in your entire life. Me and Ralph Nader would be tight. hah...)

-I'm 16

-I'm a hopeless romantic (to my dismay)

-I'm REALLY short and it depresses me

-I want to be a psychiatrist when I grow up and I mainly want to work with suicidal teenagers. I know, depressing, right? And if I don't end up being a psychiatrist I want to go into the music industry whether it means performing my own songs, or writing songs or lyrics for other artists, or producing. I might even consider starting my own record label. Yay!!

Additional Note: If anyone ever wants someone to talk to, you're welcome to message me or email me. I know this sounds weird, but if you need advice or have problems and you just wanna talk to someone (although I know talking to some stranger over the internet doesn't usually help that much...) I'd be happy to talk with you. I've been through some shit and so I'm fully prepared to take on some awful problems. Also, if you're perfectly happy and you ever just wanna talk to someone 'cause you're bored, then you're welcome to email me as well:) Okay. bye bye.

I'm a member of Young Writers 101. You should join 'cause it's awesome. Click the link below to join:


My Stories:

Giving Up: My first story. I think it's bad, but people seem to like it. Except for the ending. You will be dissapointed, I can guarantee.

The Middle of Nowhere: I'm considering giving up on this story, to be honest. I just can't see it getting anywhere, really. Like, I know where I want it to go, but I don't think it will get there. So I'm considering it. Plus, I'm working on a new story that I'll post sometime soon which I am absolutely head-over-hells in love with. So yeah...

Save Me: I posted this like 2 and half minutes ago. Umm...It's my first one-shot and it sucks, but I wanted to try one out. So any feedback would be great since I'm not too familiar with writing shorter stories. It basically deals with an abusive relationship and romance.

Fully Alive: This is my second one-shot ever. I'm still not too familiar with writing short stories, so it sucks, but whatever. It's really angsty and definitely a tragedy, but as usual it has romance involved. It deals with suicide and has some innapropriate language as usual, so it's not for you if you don't like either of those things. But then again, you wouldn't read any of my stuff if you hated profanity. So whatever.

Cigarettes and Gasoline: This is an upcoming story that I'm really excited about. It has mature themes and is quite innapropriate, so read at your own risk! Umm...Yeah. It's romance as usual. Duh.

Midnight Visits: This is just a dumb one-shot I posted not too long ago. It's sort of choppy, but I thought the plot was cute so yeah...Give me feedback on it!

"The Middle of Nowhere

Character Pictures

Jordan Sampson- 1) http:///dgate.jpg 2) http:///dhike.jpg 3) http:///c1005/guest/g13.jpg (Daveigh Chase)

Jamie Fergusson- http:///lost/images/d/dc/JustinChatwin.jpg (Justin Chatwin)

Kaylan Richards- 1) http:///pix/enciklopedia/teremtese/szineszek/hayden_christensen/01.jpg

2) http:///i/gal/HaydenChristensen/hayden_sd2996720_400.jpg (Hayden Christensen)

Jessica Gotham- 1)http:///images/hothair/js-23in-wvy-ext.jpg 2) http:///jessicasimpson/wp-content/jessicasimpsonphoto1.jpg (Jessica Simpson)

Nick Sampson- 1) http:///i/150/Movies/Actors2/Ashmore_Sha49281_150x200.jpg (Shawn Ashmore)

Laura Felton- http:///20050221/taylorcole_summerland_240_001.jpg (Taylor Cole)

Lana Sampson (Jordan's mom) - http:///images/pgimg/diane-lane1.jpg (Diane Lane)

Clara Sampson- 1) http:///main/content/wp/en/thumb/b/b5/180px-Narnia1k.jpg (Georgie Henley)

Robbie Sampson- http:///celebrity-photos/aaron-ashmore-the-cw-launch-party--green-carpet-EEwv7L.jpg (Aaron Ashmore)

Giving Up

I used to have character pictures posted here, but this story was from a long time ago and I don't expect that many more readers, so for those of you who have just started reading it I'm going to write down the characters and then the actors who they were supposed to look like in order to make room for my new story's character pictures. Okey-dokes, so here they go:

Libby Daniels- Mila Kunis

Skyler Kahnsan- Sean Faris

Ryan Daniels - Tyler Hilton

Taylor Daniels- Josh Hartnett

Eddie Daniels- Some brother from the Jonas brothers. Pick whichever one you want to represent Eddie. :)

Raquel Samuel- Evan Rachel Wood (my favorite actress ever!!)

Dylan- Riley Smith

Brandon Matthews-Tyson Ritter (Tyson Ritter is the lead singer of the All-American Rejects)

Elodie Kahnsan- Lacey Chabert

Oh, and this is the best most inspirational video of all time:


Giving Up: Libby Daniel's is said to be obsessed with soccer. In fact, she's only a sophmore and already the best player on the high school's varsity soccer team. But what everyone doesn't know is that she doesn't actually like the sport, her parent's are forcing it upon her. While her three older brothers defend her from guys, they let two boys past them obliviously. Two boys they would've never thought would like her. But it turns out that they both do. (This isn't a very good story in my opinion but quite a few people seemed to enjoy it. okay, like 20 or something. so read it if you're bored. otherwise, you're probably wasting your time.)

The Middle of Nowhere: Dealing with the fact that her dad is in jail, dealing with her ADD, and dealing with her incredibly angry and scary twin brother proves to be difficult for Jordan. Not to mention the fact that she's trying to forget the incident that happened the prevoius year...But of course, things never get easier. Especially when Kaylan Richards, the son of her mom's best friend, the tall, dark, and terrifying boy who has always made her life harder, the boy her brother hates most out of anyone in the world, returns to Jefferson high after dropping out of Backing Academy, a school for math and science geniuses. It doesn't help that he's asked to tutor some of the special Ed. students, Jordan included. She tries to convince herself that she hates him, but does she really? (, 'cause then there would be no story. tee hee hee...)

Cigarettes and Gasoline: I'm too lazy to post a longer summary of this story right now, so just read it if you're interested in my other stories.

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Written by my sister, I discovered it in her bag. I cried when I read it, give it a little look. She is only five and here is her thoughts on what has happened in our family, written with innocence only a five year old could manage.
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I know it's wrong. I know it's terrible. But I want to deal with my abusive father myself; no one else should be involved. He think's otherwise. Rated M for a reason - cursing, abuse, sex
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One-Shot Maggie can't help but to be attracted to Jake - a dangerous, cold, gorgeous guy. After he saves her from being raped by her crazy boyfriend, she can't help but to like him even more. She knows it could get messy, but she doesn't care anymore.
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His life revolves around drugs and sex. Her life revolves around living in the shadow of her older sister. He’s intimidating and angry. She wishes she were intimidating and she can’t stay angry for long. CONTAINS EXPLICIT MATERIAL: language and sex.
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I hate soccer, but I play to keep my parent’s from biting off my head. I’ve never dated in my life, thanks to my three older, popular, overprotective brothers. And then there's my brother's best friend and a shy popular boy.both super hott and nice. uhoh
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I'm in a tree outside his bedroom window. "Him" of course being the boy I love, but haven't talk to in...oh, a good four months...
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You said, “You’re an amazing person, Rachel.” “Thank you,” I practically whispered. “You don’t believe me, do you?” you asked. Well,I’m going to make you believe me.” Rated M for language and suicide.
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“Ben is not hitting me,” I hissed. “Don’t you dare lie to me,” he growled, pushing off of the door and moving towards me until he was staring down at me, his arms crossed over his chest. Contains explicit language and abuse. OneShot
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Jordan's life isn't easy. She has a terrifying and violent twin brother, a dad in jail, and horrible ADD. Oh yeah, and Kaylan Richards, the son of her mom's best friend, Mr. tall, dark, and handsome, Mr. math genius, is back and he's tutoring her. Woo hoo
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