Predicting Dragonflies
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Hello. You can call me Zoë. I'll try to update my stories, but I'm not really sure I'll bother if no one reads them. I'll give the full summeries for them here. Or, at least, just for The Shadow for now, because the computer I have The One In the Middle on isn't working at the moment.

The Shadow

When the King and Queen of Saelyn Dova, along with their High Advisor, die in a pirate attack, Crown Prince Phoenix must become King, and Apprentice to the High Advisor Ember (also the late High Advisor’s daughter) must become the High Advisor. Both feel that they are not ready for the job. Phoenix, at 18, only has the job instead of his two older sisters because he was the one child to inherit the ability to block all magic (Enna got the ability to heal and Lottie got the ability to freeze time). Ember only got the job because she inherited her mother’s ability to read minds, an ability the High Advisor traditionally has, although only the King and Queen and the Apprentice know at the time. Ember soon discovers, using her unique ability, that a supposed married couple, new in court, Lily and Dominic Sparks, are truly Lily Quaine and Dominic Sparks, spies from an allied Kingdom, Tialle. Ember discovers that the two spies have reliable intelligence that Saelyn Dova has concocted a plot to overthrow Tialle, a smaller, peaceful Kingdom. Lily and Dom are there attempting to gain more knowledge, including if it was only Phoenix’s parents with the plot or Phoenix as well. Either way, Ember doesn’t feel right telling Phoenix or anyone else of what she discovered. When the spies find evidence that Phoenix is involved, Ember decides to actively help Lily and Dom in finding out what the plot is or if there even is a plot. Ember, Lily, and Dom begin to delve deeper and deeper into a plot that could not only ruin Tialle but Saelyn Dova as well. However, the question lies throughout - who exactly is involved? Ember doesn’t want to believe it’s Phoenix, but she can’t be sure, as no one else she has met is involved in it. But perhaps the real question is this - does her loyalties lie with her King and her friend, or does it lie with two people she only recently met?

- Zoë

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The Shadow reviews
When Ember's mother dies, she becomes High Advisor to the new King Phoenix, using her ability to read minds to aid her. When she discovers that Phoenix could be plotting to betray a defenseless Kingdom, however, Ember must find out where her loyalty lies.
Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Mystery - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,931 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 3 - Published: 8/25/2007
The One In the Middle
Isabel thinks her troubles began when she had to move in with Dominic, but her troubles began long before. Enna wishes to be more independent, and Ginny tries to control her anger. Follow the story of three girls in the middle struggling not to fall off.
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